BCS Standings 2013: Teams Not Getting Enough Respect in Rankings

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BCS Standings 2013: Teams Not Getting Enough Respect in Rankings
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No matter the system, there are always going to be teams not garnering enough respect in the rankings. The current BCS rankings are no different. They leave something to be desired. 

At least the system is changing, right? Well, that isn't going to solve everything. 

In the last season, before the start of the four-team playoff, college football fans are getting a glimpse of what will make that system great and what will still leave people complaining.

With Alabama, Florida State, Oregon and Ohio State sitting undefeated in the top-four spots, a playoff involving those four is an enticing proposition. 

However, there are also teams like an undefeated Baylor squad sitting in sixth and have almost no shot at reaching the title game. Even in the new four-team playoff, Baylor could be looking at a perfect season, yet, not have any shot at the championship. 

So, the complaints from these following teams are relevant this year, and they highlight problems with the rankings that aren't going to go away anytime soon. 

Have a look at the rankings, and then I'll highlight the three teams not getting enough respect. 

Week 11 BCS Rankings
Ranking Team BCS Average
1 Alabama (8-0) .9797
2 Florida State (8-0) .9525
3 Oregon (8-0) .9435
4 Ohio State (9-0) .8720
5 Stanford (7-1) .7930
6 Baylor (7-0) .7745
7 Clemson (8-1) .7277
8 Missouri (8-1) .6890
9 Auburn (8-1) .6686
10 Oklahoma (7-1) .6084
11 Miami (FL) (7-1) .5246
12 South Carolina (7-2) .5111
13 LSU (7-2) .4525
14 Oklahoma State (7-1) .4395
15 Texas A&M (7-2) .4365
16 Fresno State (8-0) .3675
17 Michigan State (8-1) .3394
18 Northern Illinois (9-0) .3169
19 UCLA (6-2) .2904
20 Louisville (7-1) .2510
21 UCF (6-1) .2151
22 Arizona State (6-2) .1770
23 Notre Dame (7-2) .1662
24 Wisconsin (6-2) .1288
25 Texas Tech (7-2) .0986

Source: BCS

Oklahoma State 

John Weast/Getty Images

The Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-1) jumped up four spots in the latest rankings to No. 14. That is still not high enough. 

This past weekend, the Cowboys faced a Texas Tech team that was ranked 15th at the time of the game. The Cowboys sent them to a 52-34 defeat. Oklahoma State scored the first 21 points in this game. 

While the Red Raiders closed the gap in the second quarter and trailed 28-24 at halftime, Oklahoma State reestablished control in the second half. 

Still, this one-loss team can't crack the top 13, and I'm sure the sentiment echoed by this Twitter user is being echoed by many Cowboys fans: 

This past weekend was the Cowboys first game against a ranked opponent. This is limiting their ranking. However, this team is 4-1 in Big 12 play with the lone loss being a 30-21 setback against West Virginia on the road. That was back on Sept. 28.

Since then, the Cowboys have beaten Kansas State, TCU, Iowas State and Texas Tech with the last two victories coming on the road. The Cowboys have done all of this while posting some impressive stats. They are 15th in the nation in points scored and 28th in points allowed.

The Cowboys still have games against Baylor and Oklahoma remaining. That will give them the forum they need to prove this team is not getting enough respect.

Texas A&M

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Texas A&M (7-2) won by 50 this past weekend and were rewarded by falling from 12th in the BCS Standings to 15th.

Of course, that victory came over a terrible UTEP team—the Miners are just 1-7, 88th in scoring and 120th in points allowed. Still, actually falling in the rankings after winning by 50 seems a bit extreme. 

Take LSU as an example. The Tigers beat FCS school Furman this past weeked, 48-16, and held onto their No. 13 ranking. The Aggies dropped below LSU. How does this make sense? 

On the season, the Aggies have two losses. The first was a 49-42 loss to No. 1 Alabama and the second was a 45-41 loss to No. 9 Auburn. 

Both of those losses came at home, which never looks good to voters, but they also came to quality teams. The Aggies also don't have a win over a team that was ranked at the time, but proved in the close losses to tough teams that they have the firepower to hang with the best. 

Playing in a tough conference, the Aggies are still fourth in the nation in scoring. While the defense leaves something to be desired, Johnny Manziel and the offense are nearly unstoppable. 


Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Wisconsin beat a decent 5-4 Iowa team this past weekend, 28-9. It was a thorough and punishing victory. The Badgers remained at No. 24 despite the win. 

The truth is that the Badgers deserved to be ranked higher than that before last weekend, let alone after. 

Is Wisconsin ranked too low?

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The Badgers are one controversial loss against Arizona State away from being a one-loss team. The other loss was a commendable seven-point defeat playing on the road against No. 4 Ohio State. 

The Badgers are 21st in the nation in scoring and fifth in points allowed. They use the nation's 10th-most prolific rushing attack to help them control the ball and the flow of the game and then punish opponents with a stout defense. 

The grim reality for Wisconsin is that this team has little hope of making a big jump in the rankings. The Badgers don't have a game remaining on the schedule against a ranked opponent. 

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