Ex-WWE Star Tyler Reks Slams New Wrestling Cartoon

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 5, 2013

Gabe Tuft, not happy with WWE
Gabe Tuft, not happy with WWE

WWE Studios' recent announcement that it's planning its own animated web series appears to have ruffled the feathers of former wrestler Gabe Tuft, aka Tyler Reks.

As Deadline notes, the company has inked a deal with Film Roman to finance and produce 13 episodes of comedy cartoon Camp WWE. The site explains the show's rather wacky plot:

The comedy is adult-themed, like Film Roman’s The Simpsons and King Of The Hill and covers the formative years of WWE stars, whose misbehavior prompts their parents to send them off to Camp WWE to be turned into model citizens by feared counselor Vince McMahon.

Notably, this news has incurred the wrath of Tuft, due to his own short-lived YouTube cartoon, MidCard Mafia, which premiered in 2011.

The show, which followed the adventures of Tuft, Curt Hawkins and Drew McIntyre, was filled with in-jokes and the occasional jabs at management for being unwilling to push anyone new.  

Reks pulled MidCard Mafia after just three episodes and, as WrestlingInc noted, deleted all the episodes from his YouTube account.

No public reason was given at the time, but it was widely assumed WWE was unhappy with the content and had strongly urged the wrestler to drop the idea.

Tuft, who worked for WWE from 2008 to 2012, seemingly confirmed this, writing on Twitter earlier today:

Tuft also claimed he might post MidCard Mafia's unseen season two on YouTube:

In WWE's defense, it's not like a wrestling-themed cartoon is a boldly new idea. Anyone remember that old Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling cartoon from the '80s?

Yeah, The Flintstones, this wasn't.

Regardless of who-came-up-with-what, hopefully Camp WWE will turn out to be decent entertainment and not some terrible South Park rip-off.

And just try and keep Hulk Hogan a long way away from it.