Jason Collins and Peyton Manning Top Ask Men's 2013 'Top 49 Men of the Year'

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Jason Collins and Peyton Manning Top Ask Men's 2013 'Top 49 Men of the Year'
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2013 just wouldn't have been the same without them. 

Some of you are grumbling about Christmas commercials slowly making their way into your programming or pals mentioning what they are doing for the holidays. Well, take a glimpse at the calendar, because it's already time to recap another fine year. 

Round numbers be damned, AskMen.com is once again releasing its list of the top 49 men of the year. For a glimpse of the entire list, you can visit the website's official page here

There you will find that, once again, the sports world dominates pop culture, supplying 11 of the most prominent male figures from 2013. The great thing is you can offer your immediate opinion on each slide as to whether the respective male is too high, too low or just right on the list. 

As the site states, the list compiles those men who were the most "influential" throughout the year. To that end, we recap those athletes who moved, polarized and shaped a year that is coming to a quick close. 

Here is how the website sees the male sports world: 

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2. Jason Collins

AskMen Ranking Explanation

Time, thankfully, continues to move forward. NBA free agent Jason Collins last played for the Washington Wizards, but his time as an NBA center is hardly what makes him so influential. 

In April, Collins published a column in Sports Illustrated proclaiming that he is gay, becoming the first active athlete in an American major team sport to come out. 

While he continues to wait and hope a team signs him to a contract, his decision to proclaim whom he is continues to drive discussion and opens the door for like athletes to do something so simple and something many of us take for granted: be whom they are proudly and in public. 

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

9. Peyton Manning

AskMen Ranking Explanation

The Denver Broncos quarterback continues to dominate defenses and tap dance all over Father Time's best-laid plans. 

The 37-year-old is no less than remarkable in a season that is being defined by wonderful parity. Anything can and usually does happen week to week in 2013, but one thing has been certain, and that is Manning's prolific arm. 

Through eight games, Manning has passed for 2,919 yards and procured a remarkable 29 touchdowns. It seems inconceivable, but he could possibly have the best year of his career when all is said and done. 

Anyone entering their late 30s now has their patron saint of unbelievable athletic ability. 

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

21. LeBron James

AskMen Ranking Explanation

If we are nitpicking the list, I really would have thought the King of the NBA would fare better. Although, since the man clinched his second NBA title, he is far less a polarizing superstar than he once was. 

It wasn't too long ago that James was a player you either loved or hated, but that has all washed away to seemingly universal adoration. 

If ever there was a time to just admire, it would be as James heads into his 11th season. At 28, he may be ready to really show us something truly special this season. 

22. Chris Davenport

AskMen Ranking Explanation

He is an author, film producer, an accomplished climber who scaled Mt. Everest and, as AskMen offers, is the first person to have skied all 54 of Colorado's 14,000-foot slopes. 

He seems only comfortable when he is doing something truly astonishing. 

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

24. Floyd Mayweather

AskMen Ranking Explanation

Being on top of your respective sport is always useful, but Floyd Mayweather also happens to be one of the more polarizing athletes in any sport. 

While some had confidence Canelo Alvarez could pull off the unthinkable in September, Mayweather once again proved he has no equal, all the while flaunting, boasting and generally trash talking to a captivated audience. 

26. Jon Jones

AskMen Ranking Explanation

As popularity for the sport continues to rise, it's clear Jon Jones' talent and name will rise along with it. As mentioned, the UFC light heavyweight champion beat Alexander Gustafsson in his September bout, bringing his record to a sparkling 19-1. 

32. Andy Murray 

AskMen Ranking Explanation

I thought he was placed far too low last year when he was No. 33 on the list after winning gold at the London Olympics. I feel the same after he just claimed Wimbledon. 

He would have to reinvent tennis to get more love. But then he might just land somewhere near the No. 25 mark. 

33. Kimi Raikkonen

AskMen Ranking Explanation

The 34-year-old Finnish Formula One star, as AskMen puts it, is as well known for his driving as his "playboy" lifestyle. The big news this year revolved around the next big step in his career as the F1 driver leaves Lotus to take up with Ferrari

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

38. Cristiano Ronaldo

AskMen Ranking Explanation 

It's hard to find anyone, regardless of how much they follow the sport, who doesn't know whom Cristiano Ronaldo is. 

The Real Madrid star has seen his club rest comfortably at third on the La Liga table, begging the question of where Lionel Messi is on this list. Still, Ronaldo did just procure yet another hat trick recently, so I'm not about to argue his inclusion. 

43. Josef Ajram

AskMen Ranking Explanation

You really need to read the AskMen synopsis of the pure awesome at work here. At 34, he has already accomplished a lifetime of goals in endurance sports but is now battling in the Red Bull Seven Islands challenge—a grueling task of nearly 1,000 miles. 

44. Henrik Lundqvist

AskMen Ranking Explanation

The only NHL star to break this year's list is Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. While there is a wealth of deserving players in the league, the website credits Lundqvist's personality, swagger and beautiful wife as reasons he makes the list. 

More importantly, he now has a baby daughter he can one day entertain by boasting he once landed on a list of the year's most influential men. 

And there we have the first of many lists that will soon hit the Internet shortly. Recapping the year with a list is a beautiful way to ponder the months behind us. 

Of course, there are so many worthy names left on the cutting room floor. We leave it to you to remedy that injustice and offer your own opinion on where these sports stars stack up in 2013. 

The names listed may only be a small portion of the characters that made up a fantastic year in sports, but they certainly get us started on a debate that should take us well into the new year. 

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