WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After Nov. 4

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 5, 2013

For the biggest winners from Monday's WWE Raw, victories came in the form of opportunity, impressive showings and regained employment.

Big Show won back his job and coerced Triple H into giving him a WWE Championship match. Two rising Superstars also benefited from the episode, even if their win-loss records were not improved. A returning high-flyer, a gleeful bully and a champion were among the biggest losers from Raw. 

Beyond pinfalls and submissions, here are the men who won and lost the most in terms of position and momentum on the first Raw of November.


Winner: Luke Harper

The WWE record book says that Harper lost, but in terms of his career, hanging with CM Punk is a victory.

Harper not only got the spotlight as a singles competitor but was paired with one of the company's top stars. That's a sure sign of WWE's confidence in him.

The big man was impressive in this bout, coming off as a convincing destructive force. He dominated much of the match, overpowering Punk and having him reeling like a boxer caught on the ropes. Harper showcased more of his character as well.

He grunted and growled throughout his match, a predator who enjoyed crunching on his prey.

Punk eventually won, but it was with a roll-up. This comes off as more of a fluky win than if Punk knocked Harper out with a Go To Sleep.

Harper will get another chance to shine on this Friday's SmackDown, as he's scheduled to face Daniel Bryan. It looks as if this particular member of the Wyatt Family is churning up some momentum this week.


Winner: Big E Langston

Randy Orton got the pin, but Langston had the audience and critics buzzing afterward.

WWE asked the fans to vote between The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Langston for who would battle Orton on Monday's Raw. Langston got the nod by a margin wider than his massive shoulders.

Langston then put on the best match of his career, crashing into Orton and forcing the WWE champ to retreat several times.

His and Orton's performance was the most entertaining of the night, and Langston looked like he belonged with the champ. He seemed to be on the verge of beating him several times and, despite the loss, now rolls into his Intercontinental Championship match on Wednesday's Main Event flush with momentum.


Winner: Big Show

Big Show continued to be WWE's major focus on Monday, using the threat of a lawsuit against the company to extort his way to a championship match.

Michael Cole mentioned Big Show's lifetime ban throughout the course of the show, and Raw was filled with clips of the recent history between the giant and Triple H. He then played the central role in the final segment of the night.

If someone had been watching Raw for the first time, they might have thought that Big Show was the biggest star in WWE.

Big Show looked far more powerful against Triple H, even if he did end up suffering chair shots and being powerbombed through a table. He embarrassed the COO by having him repeat that Big Show had his job back and would be facing Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

Triple H looked more flustered in that segment than he has throughout his entire rivalry with Daniel Bryan.

Going from the upper midcard a few months ago to the main event of one of the "Big 4" pay-per-views is a huge victory for Big Show.


Loser: Ryback

Ryback took on The Great Khali and spent much of the match on the defensive. The Big Guy did manage to pin Khali but spent most of the bout suffering chops and headbutts.

More than the fact that his win felt more like an escape, it's a bad sign that WWE pitted Ryback against Khali.

Just a few months ago, Ryback was challenging John Cena for the WWE title and billed as one of the top heels in the company. Monday showed how far he's fallen down the ladder, as he was asked to smash a cupcake in Hornswoggle's face and take a beating from a bottom-feeder.

Perhaps this win was a way to start climbing back to relevance, but for now it represents a major step down from battling Cena and Punk.


Loser: Tyson Kidd

When Big Show was set to return to Raw in July, WWE put together an awe-inspiring video package for him. Mark Henry got the same treatment a month earlier.

Kidd received no such fanfare.

After being gone for nearly a year, WWE simply tossed him back into action in a mixed tag team match against Fandango and Summer Rae. Kidd was not a part of a compelling story or even a noteworthy match upon his return.

He performed just a handful of moves before knocking off Fandango. It was a missed opportunity for WWE to create buzz for Kidd's return.


Loser: Curtis Axel 

Dolph Ziggler defeated Curtis Axel in a short match. Having his first match back from injury be a loss is damaging to his momentum to a point, but bigger than that, Axel was without his captain.

In a phone interview, Paul Heyman explained that he was in Europe seeking treatment for various injuries. That means Heyman is going to be off TV for a significant chunk of time, and Axel is going to suffer.

Heyman was Axel's mouthpiece, providing excellent promos for a man for whom working the microphone is one of his biggest weaknesses. Heyman also provided an intriguing element to his character through his coaching and exaggerated facial reactions during matches. 

Axel is without all of that and will struggle to find his way, now rudderless.


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