WWE Survivor Series 2013: Stars Most in Need of a Victory

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 5, 2013

Can Ryback get his career back on track?
Can Ryback get his career back on track?

At Survivor Series later this month, several WWE Superstars need to pick up the victory and turn their faltering fortunes around.

The most obvious candidate? Daniel Bryan, who has seemingly been demoted back to the midcard after a brief stint in main events.

It's hard to work out what WWE has been doing with the former ROH wrestler in recent months.

He won the WWE Championship at Night of Champions only to be stripped of it on the following night's Raw. Triple H constantly berated him in promos for being unable to carry the company and told him he wasn't even someone “a real star” would waste their time wrestling.

Then, Shawn Michaels shockingly turned on him at Hell in a Cell and cost him the championship again.

What is WWE doing with Daniel Bryan?
What is WWE doing with Daniel Bryan?

What a bewildering way to treat a guy many considered at one point to be “The Next John Cena.”

So, when Bryan (presumably) teams with CM Punk to take on the Wyatt Family he has to pick up the victory—if simply to stop his status in WWE from falling any further.

Truthfully, working with the Wyatt Family doesn't have to be a comedown; it even could potentially help Bryan regain some of his lost momentum after he spent months getting buried by The Authority.

And Bray Wyatt does have a very cool, compelling act.

But it has to be booked right, and Bryan has to be on the winning side at Survivor Series.

Bryan's on- and off-screen girlfriend, Brie Bella, should also look to pick up a victory at the show in Boston, preferably when she defeats AJ Lee for the Divas Championship.

Brie Bella, been losing to A.J Lee a lot
Brie Bella, been losing to A.J Lee a lot

OK, so Brie isn't an ideal candidate to be the Divas division's top babyface, but she's really all WWE has right now. (Note to Vince McMahon: This is what happens when you never call up any of the women in developmental.)

And if Brie is ever to gain acceptance from the fans, she desperately needs to garner some credibly by defeating AJ Lee, especially after having lost to her so many times in the past.

Ryback also requires a good showing at Survivor Series if he's to turn around his career.

At Hell in a Cell, the wrestler continued his losing streak on pay-per-view when he lost to CM Punk. He was also soundly defeated by Punk again on the following evening's Raw. To make matters worse, his manager, Paul Heyman, is still off of TV selling his injuries from the show.

Ryback, has a lot of heat in WWE per reports
Ryback, has a lot of heat in WWE per reports

How did things go so badly wrong for the behemoth?

Well, apart from horrendous booking, a report from PWInsiderElite.com (h/t wrestlinginc.com) indicates that the star has garnered considerable heat from management in recent months regarding various issues. Oh, dear.

Let's hope WWE management will be satisfied that the star has paid for whatever attitude problems he may have had and decide to start rebuilding him at the pay-per-view.

Can the aforementioned stars emerge from Boston triumphant later this month? Or will all three come up short again? Hopefully, they'll win, but we'll have to wait see. With WWE's erratic booking, anything is possible these days.