B/R Turns into the WWE: Save Us

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 26, 2009

Welcome back to B/R Turns Into The WWE. I would like to thank the B/R Pro Wrestling community (and anyone else that might have read it) for making Raw the most read show for two weeks in a row.

I would also ask the members of Raw to choose an entrance theme and submit it to me.

Mine is: Disappear by Bullets For My Valentine.

Also this is not on topic, but the Divas Championship Match was a big let down. Anyway let's get to Raw.

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome, everyone to Monday Night Raw!

(C. #2) We are in for a great show.

(Disappear hits as Svyato makes his way down to the ring)

(Svyato) I have a few announcements. First regarding the tag titles. Tonight there will be no title defense...

(Crowd responds in a bad way)

(Svyato) But no worries to Adrian, you will have your chance. At Extreme Rules, it will be...

Ste & Jason(c) Vs Daris & Blue Chip Vs Adrian & ???

It will be a triple threat tag match for the Unified Tag Team Titles but I'm not done. Ste & Jason have also decided to make this a Tornado Tag match.

(Crowd comes alive)

(Svyato) So it'll be a Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match for the titles.

Now onto my second announcement; at Extreme Rules, it'll be Conor Green vs. Ray Bogusz in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, but there's a catch.

The loser of that contest will be booted from the WWE forever!

So you can't lose a step in that match.

(Joe Burgett comes down)

(Joe) I believe you still have to address JLB's actions from last week.

(Svyato) Well, I don't think there is a problem with what he did, considering what you did to him earlier that night.

(Joe) I was just getting back what was rightfully mine, and he was just attacking me for no reason.

(JLB comes down) You were out here running your mouth, so I decided to come down.

Look if you are going to complain about being attacked, you might as well hand over the belt right now. Besides, you attacked me backstage and in my No. 1 contenders match. Did you think I was just going to let that go, Burgett?

(Svyato) Hey guys, if you haven't noticed, I'm still here. 

Look, you have a NO DQ match tonight so both of you will be able to let your frustrations out on each other. Until then, I do not want either of you laying a finger on the other.

If you do not obey, I will strip Burgett of the belt and suspend you both for two months from World Wrestling Entertainment. Is that clear?

(Joe) That's not fair. I shouldn't be stripped of my belt if Le Blanc decides to attack me.

(Svyato) I'm the GM; I don't have to be fair. Now get out of here, both of you so we can start tonight's matches.

(JLB) Wait!

(Svyato) What is it, Le Blanc?

(JLB) How about we add some stipulations to tonight's match?

(Svyato) I'm listening.

(JLB) How about if I win tonight, I get to pick what type of match Burgett will be in and his opponent(s)?

And if he wins he gets to pick.

(Svyato) I like it, you've got a deal.

(Joe) What!?!

(JLB) Don't you like it (says it with a confident and smug look on his face)?

(Joe) You know what I do!

And when I win, you will be in a Raw Roster vs. JLB match next week.

(Joe leaves)

Break(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone.

(C. #2) You're just in time to hear from our lovely Women's Champion.

(Mina) Tonight, I am scheduled to defend my title against Jen Preston, but I cannot. You see I broke my arm earlier this week, and the doctors say I can't compete. 

I will have to wait three weeks before I can compete again.

(Svyato comes out) Then that is when you will face Jen. Until then, I am officially suspending the Divas division.

(Crowd boos loudly)

(Svyato) I am sorry but due to the low number of female wrestlers, I might even have to get rid of the Divas division permanently!

(Mina) That's not fair!

(Svyato) I know, but that's life.


(Shane and Jen backstage)

(Jen) I can't believe he would do that!

(Shane) Don't worry; with all of the talentless losers we have on Raw, you could probably be the Intercontinental champion.

(Jen) What? You don't think I'm good enough to be World Champion?

(Joe walks in) Not with me as champ.

(Shane) Back off, Burgett, and learn some manners.

(Joe) That means absolutely nothing coming from the most uncivilized man, wait let me correct myself, the most uncivilized boy in the locker room.

(Shane) You better shut your mouth before I shut it for you.

(Joe) Wow, that's it! Is that all Shane Howard has to say?

(Shane) Fine, let me tell you this. (slaps Joe then he shoves him to the ground and gets a chair and hits Burgett's head with it)

(Jen) Shane! I can't believe you did that! I'm never speaking to you again!

(Shane) Damn it, Burgett! You're going to pay for this!


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone. So far this evening two matches have been cancelled; both for titles.

(C. #2) Let's just hope the next one doesn't get cancelled too. Let's go to the ring where Royalty Judgment is waiting for their opponents.

(Sulayman) Before we start this match, I would like to talk to you people about something. 

I’ve been injured since Backlash and when you take time off, it puts your career into perspective. I sat at home watching Raw week after week looking at the pathetic excuse of a show that our GM puts on and I have to say it is utterly repulsing to watch.

We have an arrogant prick as world champion, a few whining contenders, an intercontinental champion whose intelligence can be compared to a loaf of bread and a pathetic, sniveling Women’s Champion…but I guess every dog has his day or in this case every b…(stops mid sentence and smiles)

I’m not here to complain; I’m here to tell you I won’t stand by and watch these people burn this industry down to the ground.

My voice will not be unheard, and these two men beside me know I'm right. They too are sick of how pathetic this business has become.

These aren’t just empty threats, this is my uprising.

Also this pathetic name the the GM gave us is no more.

We will no longer be Royalty Judgment (laughs).

We will be The Uprising.

And we don't care who you are, because you will fall victim to us one way or another. we will save this business one title at a time. (Puts down the mic)

(Announcer) And their tag team partner, Connor Green.

(Ryan makes his way down)

(Jeff) Well Ryan is out here and he does not look too happy with The Uprising.

(Announcer) And his tag partners...

Adam Testa, Terrell Johnson & Name removed by request.

(Ryan gets a mic) Now what the hell were you talking about?

If there's anything wrong with Raw, it's you three ego maniacs. You think you're better than us, you're not fit to wrestle a junkyard dog. And with Sulayman as your leader you guys aren't going to go far.

(Sulayman) And what makes you so great?

The fact that you were champ for a few minutes? That's pathetic.

You know what? I'm done talking, let's start the match.

Bell sounds, and the match begins.

Ryan and Sulayman start out. Ryan locks up with Sulayman. Ryan turns it into a DDT. Ryan goes to the top rope. He jumps off and connects a big elbow. He covers, 1, Sulayman kicks out.

Ryan drags Sulayman to the corner and tags in Name removed by request. Ray starts giving him lefts and rights until Sulayman responds with a cheap shot right to the stomach. Now he Irish Whips him right to his corner and runs right into him. 

Sulayman makes the tag to Giorgi Dolidze. Giorgi shoves him to the corner across from theirs and starts giving him some chops. He takes him and he hits a bulldog on him.

Giorgi goes to the top rope. Giorgi jumps, but Ray gets out of the way. Now Ray runs right to his corner where he tags in Terrell Johnson. Here he comes. Terrell delivers a big boot right to the bicuspids of Giorgi.

Terrell lifts him up onto the rope and gets on the rope too. He give him a suplex from the top. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Giorgi kicks out. Giorgi now trying to drag himself to his corner. Terrell up grabs Giorgi by the foot and drags him to his corner.

Terrell tags in Ryan. Terrell puts him in an Arm Wrench hold while Ryan goes to the top rope and hits a flying dropkick. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Ben Sampson gets in the ring and breaks it up. 

Adam Testa in the ring as well and cheap shots Ben and throws him out. He follows him out. Giorgi tags in Connor.

Connor comes running right at Ryan and that was a big rookie mistake as Ryan delivers a dropkick. Ryan goes to the top rope and delivers a Somersault Splash. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) Here are your winners, Terrell Johnson, Adam Testa, Name removed by request, & Ryan Michael.

(Jeff) In the end, it was a rookie mistake that cost them.


(C. #2) Welcome back to Raw everyone. Now there is a rumor going around that a new superstar will debut tonight.

(Jeff) I don't know who it is, but I can't wait!

(C. #2) Well you won't have to, because the match he's supposed to be in is next.

(Shane Howard comes to the ring with a mic)

(Shane) So once again I, Shane Howard, the No. 1 Superstar on Raw, have to debut a chump.

I am sick and tired of getting low-class opponents. I want the very best. That's not all, I want title shots. This idiot of a GM here has Jason Le Crap contending for the title when he could have me.

(Someone yells) Oh shut up!

(A masked man comes out of the crowd) I'm sick and tired of hearing you complain about your problems.

(Shane) And who are you?

(???) I'm Captain Charisma, and I'm the man who will beat you tonight!

(Shane) Oh, so you're the new guy. Well let me show you what happened to the last rookie I faced.

(Screen shows how Shane destroyed Connor)

(Shane) Now after that are you still feeling confident?

(Captain) Why wouldn't I be?

I've seen you in action; you're really sloppy in the ring, so I think I can take you.

(Shane) We'll just see about that.

Bell sounds match begins. They lockup, Captain gets behind him and trips him. Now he takes his leg and drags him to the corner. He takes his leg and slams it against the ring post. Captain pulls him outside of the ring and throws him onto the table. He's going back into the ring to stop the count.

He goes to the rope. Is he going to go big? He jumps, but Shane just gets out of the way. Shane now takes Captain and throws him into the ring. Shane slides in and covers, 1, 2, he kicks out. Shane gets up and goes off the rope attempting to delivers a bulldog, but Captain ducks under and delivers a Pendulum Kick.

He covers, 1, 2, Shane kicks out. Captain waits for Shane to get up he hits the inverted DDT. Now he takes him an catapults him off the rope looking for a Running DDT, but Shane gets out of the way.

When Captain turned around, he saw Shane attempting to attack him; instead, he got a quick spinebuster on Shane. Now looking for his finisher The Detonator. Shane up and he hits it perfectly, 1, 2, Shane kicks out. So he goes to the top rope. And he hits a diving headbutt. He covers, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Captain Charisma.

(Jeff) Captain Charisma made an amazing debut tonight.

(C. #2) Is there a better way to debut than to beat one of Raw's top stars?

(Jeff) Probably not.

(C. #2) You can see Shane isn't too happy about it.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw.

We are nearing the end of the show, so let's take a look at all of Raw's matches at Extreme Rules.

(C. #2) We have...

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match (Unified Tag Titles): Adrian & ??? vs. Ste & Jason vs. Daris & Blue Chip

Falls Count Anywhere Match (Loser gets booted from the WWE): Name removed by request vs. Connor Green

And our main event...

Casket Match (World Heavyweight Championship): JLB vs. Joe Burgett(c)

(Jeff) But now let's tune into our main event tonight which is Burgett vs. Le Blanc in a No DQ match.

And here they come.

(Both men enter ready to fight)

Bell sounds match begins. Burgett and Le Blanc lock up. JLB whips him into the ring post. Joe turns around only to be rammed by JLB. JLB now pounding Joe's face. Joe now down and Jason goes outside the ring.

He goes under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer. He slides back into the ring with his weapon. Joe was ready for him though as he delivers a big cheap shot to JLB. Joe now takes the sledgehammer and hits Jason with it. He steps outside and goes under the ring for a table.

He slides the table in the ring and sets it up. He turns his attention back to JLB. He pounds away at JLB. Now JLB gathers the strengh to push him away and delivers a spinebuster to Joe. He takes Joe to the top rope he gets on as well.

With the table right beside the rope that they're on Jason delivers a Power Slam off the top rope and through the table. That was simply amazing. He goes for the cover, 1, 2, Burgett still able to roll the shoulder.

JLB raises Burgett to his feet, but Burgett starts fighting back. And he gives him a huge low blow. JLB is hurt bad. Joe steps outside the ring and gets a chair. He goes back in with Jason Le Blanc still down and he nails him on the head with it.

Joe Burgett covers 1, 2, JLB kicks out. Joe now setting up for his finisher the Saving Grace. And with Le Blanc up he hits it. Cover, 1, 2, out of nowhere Jason's shoulder comes up. Joe now really frustrated so he's going to try to go for it again.

He raises JLB in the air, but he changes that into his finisher the Lariat Of Death. JLB covers, 1, 2, Burgett rolls the shoulder. With Burgett down JLB locks in the Scorpion Hold. Remember there are no submissions in the match, so Joe can't tap.

With time, passing Joe looks really weak now. So JLB breaks the hold and goes to the top rope. He jumps off and hits the Nosedive. Here's another cover, 1, 2, 3. JLB wins, JLB wins!

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Jason Le Blanc.

(JLB) Hold on there! 

Now I still have the choice of who you face next week. And seeing how mad Shane was I'll say it's...

Joe Burgett Vs Shane Howard in a Tables Match(first man through a table loses).

(Jeff) Burgett does not look too happy.

(C. #2) We'll see you next week, folks!

Raw Ends!Quick Results:

JLB def. World Heavyweight Champion Joe Burgett

Captain Charisma def. Shane Howard

Ryan Michael, Name removed by request, Terrell Johnson, & Adam Testa def. Conor Green & The Uprising

Thanks for reading! 


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