Mack Brown Thinks Texas Should Be Ranked: Is He Right?

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Mack Brown Thinks Texas Should Be Ranked: Is He Right?
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The Texas Longhorns and the Baylor Bears are the only two teams undefeated against Big 12 conference opponents. Baylor is ranked No. 6 in the BCS, and Texas is nowhere to be seen.

When asked about Texas not being ranked, head coach Mack Brown said, "We've played like a top-25 team enough in the last five weeks. In my estimation, we should be ranked. But that will all start happening this weekend if we do our jobs."

Brown may have a point.

BCS Top 25
Rank Team Record Loss(es)
1 Alabama 8-0 N/A
2 Florida State 8-0 N/A
3 Oregon 8-0 N/A
4 Ohio State 9-0 N/A
5 Stanford 7-1 NR Utah
6 Baylor 7-0 N/A
7 Clemson 8-1 No. 5 Florida State
8 Missouri 8-1 No. 21 South Carolina
9 Auburn 8-1 No. 6 LSU
10 Oklahoma 7-1 NR Texas
11 Miami 7-1 No. 3 Florida State
12 South Carolina 7-2 No. 11 Georgia; NR Tennessee
13 LSU 7-2 No. 9 Georgia; NR Ole Miss
14 Oklahoma State 7-1 NR West Virginia
15 Texas A&M 7-2 No. 1 Alabama; No. 24 Auburn
16 Fresno State 8-0 N/A
17 Michigan State 8-1 No. 22 Notre Dame
18 Northern Illinois 9-0 N/A
19 UCLA 6-2 No. 13 Stanford; No. 3 Oregon
20 Louisville 7-1 NR UCF
21 UCF 6-1 No. 12 South Carolina
22 Arizona State 6-2 No. 5 Stanford; NR Notre Dame
23 Notre Dame 7-2 No. 17 Michigan; No. 14 Oklahoma
24 Wisconsin 6-2 NR Arizona State; No. 4 Ohio State
25 Texas Tech 7-2 No. 15 Oklahoma; No. 18 Oklahoma State
NR Texas 6-2 NR BYU; No. 25 Ole Miss

There are eight teams in the BCS Top 25 that have two losses. Four of those teams have losses to unranked opponents. Texas struggled early in the season, with losses to BYU and No. 25 Ole Miss. The Longhorns have since turned things around, going 5-0 in conference play and spanking No. 10 Oklahoma 36-20. So why are the Longhorns not getting any love from the BCS or the voters?

"I think we just didn't play well at the beginning of the season," quarterback Case McCoy said Monday. "You can only make a first impression once. That impression is going to be there until we keep playing consistently. I think we're getting there."

Where should Texas be ranked?

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McCoy brings up a good point. It would not be surprising if some voters cannot get over the fact that Texas gave up 679 offensive yards to BYU or lost by three touchdowns at home to Ole Miss. But the Longhorns' conference stats speak volumes for the turn around Texas has made.

Since Sept. 21, Texas has outscored its opponents 163-91 with a backup quarterback. The Longhorns defense has held opponents to 126.2 rushing yards per game without its best linebacker Jordan Hicks. 

"I think the outside spectators are looking for consistency," McCoy said Monday. "So that's what we have to do and that's what we have to do this week. We have to beat a team in a crazy environment in the cold weather and move on to the next game."

It's unlikely that a win over West Virginia will change the voters' opinions, but it doesn't mean the Longhorns do not deserve to be in the Top 25. Until Texas shows it can play consistently well against its opponents, the Longhorns will continue to be doubted in the public eye.

All quotes were obtained firsthand.

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