Full Predictions and Feuds for Kane After Joining The Authority

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 5, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

At the October 27 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event, an explosion of red pyro announced the return of Kane following a two-month hiatus. The Big Red Monster made his way to the ring, cleared Luke Harper and Erick Rowan from it and delivered a chokeslam to The Miz.

The following night on Raw, he pledged his allegiance to Stephanie McMahon and The Authority, and in a moment that shocked fans, he took off his mask and handed it to McMahon, leaving with his back to the audience.

With the Survivor Series event coming up on November 24, the Devil's Favorite Demon figures to play a major role in the show.

It is too early to know for certain exactly what Kane will be up to when WWE invades Boston for the 27th edition of the event, but there are several feuds that seem tailor-made for the Big Red Monster.


The Big Show

As The Authority's personal weapon of destruction, Kane will undoubtedly find himself embroiled in a battle with the group's most hated enemy, Big Show.

The giants are no stranger to one another, having both feuded and teamed on a number of occasions over the last 14 years. In fact, they reigned as both World and WWE Tag Team champions, dominating competition such as Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, Chris Masters and Carlito, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater and David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (current Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel).

The relationships they have had in the past, whether it be as tag team partners or friends, will matter none if (and when) Triple H and Stephanie McMahon order the Big Red Monster into action.

While it is unlikely that they will have any sort of legitimate, defined feud thanks to Big Show's seemingly impending showdown with WWE's COO, Kane should still see plenty of opportunities to mix it up against the World's Largest Athlete, likely on Raw and SmackDown broadcasts for the rest of the year.


The Miz

The Awesome One was quickly and decisively defeated by Kane on the October 28 episode of Raw, but don't think for a second that will prevent the creative team from pitting him against Kane in a program for the next few weeks.

To its credit, the creative team has done an excellent job in portraying Miz as a tenacious babyface who does not let a beating one week thwart him from getting back up and trying again the next week. He continues to speak his mind, regardless of whether it earns him further punishment, and as a result, the character has evolved from one that fans struggled to get behind to one they can, at the very least, respect.

With every other top star seemingly wrapped up in angles of their own, there are far worse ideas for both Kane and Miz than feuding with one another for the next month.

More importantly, it is a relatively fresh match in a day and age where overexposure on television and pay-per-view makes those incredibly rare.


Daniel Bryan

The potential that exists in a feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan makes it the most interesting and exciting of Kane's possible angles. 

Their past as dysfunctional tag team partners who became dominant champions and later friends was one of the better angles WWE produced in 2012 and early 2013. The anger management skits involving the partners and Dr. Shelby were hilarious and really helped elevate the team from the generic "partners who hate each other" angle WWE has repeated over the years.

When the team split, Bryan and Kane essentially went their own ways as if nothing had ever happened between them.

With Bryan having spent the last three months as a thorn in the side of The Authority and Kane now serving as the group's own personal corporate monster, there is plenty of reason for them to interact once again.

Once Bryan wraps up his angle with the Wyatt Family, it would make sense for him to once again interject himself in the WWE title picture, continuing his feud with The Authority in the process. Kane would be Triple H and Stephanie's answer to Bryan, and that is where things would become interesting.

Would Kane be willing to assault his former partner and friend? If so, how far would he be willing to go?

The play on their history alone would provide for interesting programming, and the matches would likely be solid given their history against one another.



The above three feuds are feuds that Kane could find himself in now that he is the heavy for Triple H and Stephanie. They make sense given his history with the three Superstars and where he finds himself on the card at this moment.

But do I really believe the company will take the former Big Red Monster in the direction of any of the three proposed angles?

The answer, in short, is no.



On the November 4 episode of Raw, Kane debuted a new look that saw him unmasked and clad in what appeared to be an expensive suit. He made his way to the ringside area and assisted The Shield and Randy Orton in a beatdown of the Big Show but never really got his hands dirty.

Over the next few months, I don't see things changing much. 

Kane is still a valuable member of the roster from a star power perspective, but with the top stars engaged in other rivalries and stories, there really is no room for him to have a well-defined feud with anyone considered to be on his level.

Expect Kane to continue to do the work of The Authority without really ever feuding with one wrestler. Until another major Superstar is freed up to work with him in a headlining program, it is better for him to remain in main event angle, even if that means he is a fringe player who works with the top babyface but is not necessarily the centerpiece of the rivalry.