WWE Survivor Series 2013: Projecting Traditional Elimination Bouts as of Nov. 4

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 4, 2013

Squads slowly merge together as rivalries evolve into traditional elimination tag team matches for WWE Survivor Series 2013.

The events on Raw and SmackDown provide hints to which of these matches fans will see at the next pay-per-view. So far, these tell us that a bearded clan will add a member, former Ring of Honor world champs will align and "The Authority" will put all its attack dogs in a single pack. 

Survivor Series began as a showcase for four-on-four or five-on-five tag team elimination matches, but those bouts have since become less prevalent.

If recent history holds up, though, we should expect to see about two of these clashes take place on Nov. 24. One of these will require some more creative assembling, while the other is more clearly in the works.


The Wyatt Family and Mark Henry vs. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston and The Miz

The Wyatt Family has made a caravan of enemies in recent weeks. There will be no issue with finding four men who want go to battle against them.

Bray Wyatt has singled out The Miz, mocking his need for fame and leaving him unconscious backstage with "liar" painted across his chest.

The Wyatts took out both Punk and Bryan during last Monday's Raw, with no explanation other than "the devil" told Wyatt to leave them hurting.

If one needed added confirmation of Bryan and Punk's burgeoning rivalry with the Wyatts, here's the latest from F4WOnline, via WrestleZone.com: "Current plans call for a Survivor Series match of The Wyatt Family and one other Superstar vs. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and two other teammates of their own."

Kingston teamed with Miz several times against The Wyatts, so he is a logical fourth member. He and Punk have been tag team champs together, so there's a past relationship to refer to and build upon. 

Plus, adding Kingston elevates the entertainment value, helping to make this match a battle of speed and skill versus the Wyatts' brute force. 

For a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, the trio of backwoods predators will need to add an ally, though.

That will prove challenging to do as there isn't another Superstar who would fit in perfectly with their gimmick. Waylon Mercy is long retired. 

They've also done little to make friends during their time with WWE.

A returning Mark Henry offers an intriguing addition. His aggression and power make him a fit even if his persona is disparate from the Wyatts' personas. He can be just as intimidating as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and instantly makes them an even huger team.

Beard? Check. Brawler? Check. Intimidating? Check. Future Wyatt Family member?
Beard? Check. Brawler? Check. Intimidating? Check. Future Wyatt Family member?

Otherwise, where is WWE turning? Of the other heels on the roster, Ryback is a possibility, but his recent losses make him less of a threat than Henry. Damien Sandow would be too big of a contrast with the Wyatt's primitiveness. 

One of WWE's best options to pair with the Wyatt Family, Kane, is likely heading in another direction.


The Shield and Kane vs. The Usos, Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler 

Kane submitting himself to Stephanie McMahon makes The Authority's regime more powerful. It is strange that he didn't either go after the Wyatts or join them, but WWE is apparently taking "The Big Red Machine" down a different path.

If he is another weapon in the McMahons' holster, it makes sense that they would pair him with The Shield, the trio who has served as their bodyguards and willing soldiers in recent months.

Look then to The Shield's long list of enemies for possible opponents.

Langston continues to get screwed out of his opportunities at the United States Championship thanks to Dean Ambrose purposely getting counted out or disqualified. The powerhouse will not hesitate to join a team opposite Ambrose and his partners.

The Usos have been banging heads with The Shield since the summer.

Not only is there plenty of animosity to work with between them and The Shield, WWE can be assured of an excellent match with these two crews going to battle. Jimmy and Jey have had some fantastic performances against Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Rather than begin a new feud and build it before the pay-per-view, WWE can use existing tension to make for an excellent match.

Ziggler, a man with a history of getting attacked and double-teamed by The Shield, gets added to round things out. His previous relationship with Langston can be used as a way to have them come together once again.

Should Big Show challenge Randy Orton or Triple H while Cody Rhodes and Goldust defend their titles against The Real Americans, these two traditional elimination bouts would both make sense in terms of current narratives and excitement factor.

The next few weeks will have the wind move away from the dust, making the Survivor Series card clearer. For now, it looks as if a trio of monsters will be brawling against a band of fan favorites, while The Hounds of Justice will align themselves with a man who conceded his destructive power to WWE's corporate regime.