4 Reasons Andrea Pirlo Would Dominate the Premier League Even at His Age

Jack Alexandros Rathborn@@jackrathbornContributor IIINovember 4, 2013

4 Reasons Andrea Pirlo Would Dominate the Premier League Even at His Age

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    Andrea Pirlo is coming to the end of his Juventus contract.

    It has been three great seasons with the Bianconeri after Milan could not agree on an extension to keep one of their greatest players—perhaps doubting whether he could maintain his quality in the latter years of his glittering career.

    If the Old Lady do not agree on a new deal, there will be plenty of interested clubs, some of which will come from the English Premier League.

    Spurs have already registered an interest, according to the Mirror, but how would Pirlo fare in England?

    Here is why he would be as good as ever.

Greater Movement Around Him to Offer More Options

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    Pirlo is at his best when he is orchestrating from the pivot role as the team's regista.

    In the Premier League, he would have far more options in front of him, meaning a greater chance that he would be able to consistently complete passes with regularity.

    The EPL is famed for its high intensity and athleticism, which will be a benefit to a player with a range of passing, who can pick out any teammate in any part of the pitch.

    Any side that has athletic players who have great movement off the ball, as well as wide players, should consider Pirlo for this very reason. 

EPL Clubs Would Accommodate Him, Removing Concern About His Pace

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    Pirlo is not one of the best athletes on the pitch, but that has been true throughout his career.

    His managers simply need to be aware of it.

    By integrating athletic players around him, it will prevent the maestro from being exposed and mean he won't regularly need to scamper away with his feet.

    If this can be assured, Pirlo's greatest weakness can be covered and his quality can be utilised to its fullest.

    Surrounding him with box-to-box players would not only offer great options to trigger counter-attacks, but by having more players to reclaim possession, it will give Pirlo the chance to launch his champagne passes with greater regularity.

    These kind of midfielders are not in short supply in the EPL, which gives even greater reason to believe Pirlo can dominate in this league. 

Pirlo's Experience Would Help Enhance Teammates Around Him

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    Pirlo's experience is a key factor in why he will be able to cope comfortably with the rigours of the EPL.

    Given the many years he has played at the top of European football, it is unquestionable that Pirlo will be able to deal with the English game.

    With 105 international caps, Pirlo's influence can bring younger teammates' games to a new level, which will in turn help his game to be maintained at a high level.

    Pirlo would not be shaken by the high intensity of some of the bigger clashes in England. He has a track record of not being phased by the big occasion.

    Managers would not need to worry about Pirlo's ability to settle. In fact, they could be comforted by his experience on the pitch, which would further enhance those around him. 

More Emphasis on His Role Than in Serie A

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    In the Premier League, Pirlo would likely enjoy greater emphasis on his role in the side.

    Often enough, he will be paired with one other central midfielder, rather than the two he currently enjoys with Juve.

    Given the versatility of Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio, Pirlo is often not required to dominate games in the manner he is capable of.

    In England, it is probable that he will be given greater influence and more freedom to orchestrate the play in the manner that he sees fit.

    As opposed to facilitating other world-class central midfielders, Pirlo can focus on bringing the best out of other players in other positions, giving greater quality to all areas of the side.

    As Juve only field two strikers and their wing-backs are often positioned deep inside their own half, Pirlo's range of passing is often not utilised to its maximum.

    With more advanced midfielders and greater attacking options, it would inevitably bring out a better variety of passes from Pirlo's arsenal, which would be exciting to watch.

    Pirlo is a timeless breed of footballer, who is not dependent on his physical characteristics, making the doubt as to whether he would be able to continue dominating a moot point.

    If Juve are foolish enough to not extend this legend's contract, a Premier League club should benefit from this and enjoy watching the great man continue to dominate games.