Mike Freeman's NFL Grades: Pre-Week 10 Edition

Mike FreemanNFL National Lead WriterNovember 5, 2013

There are injuries, and then there are injuries to superstars. One causes concern, the other causes panic. Guess which category Aaron Rodgers' hurt shoulder falls under?  

The Mess in Miami is, well, messy. But the second-biggest story from this week is the hurt shoulder of Rodgers. It factors into everything across the sport. That's how impactful Rodgers is as a player.  

Now, on to the grades. Don't hurt your shoulder reading them.


49ers Bye
BearsAAaron Rodgers or not, this was a great win. Is there a quarterback controversy in Chicago? Just kidding. No, I'm not.
BengalsDI know, I know…"any given Sunday." Yada, yada, yada. But this was a bad loss for a number of reasons. Losing Geno Atkins is brutal. Perhaps almost as disturbing was the play of Andy Dalton
BillsB-Quarterback Jeff Tuel played a hell of a lot better than almost anyone believed he would. Kansas City's defense still turned him over at a critical point in the contest. The K.C. defense has barely played anyone, but they sure do beat the heck out of the turnips put in front of them.
Broncos Bye
BrownsAThe Browns coaching staff deserves a kick in the teeth for waiting this long to start Jason Campbell. He was clearly the best quarterback on the roster. He tossed three TDs against the Ravens.
BuccaneersF+Inventing new and improved ways to make Bucs fans weep. Blew a 21-point lead. Two-team race to the first pick in the draft with the Jaguars. My money is on Greg Schiano.
Cardinals Bye
ChargersFWhy an F? The Chargers had the ball, 1st-and-goal, at the 1-yard line…and they ran the ball just once. Threw it twice. That's horrific play-calling. Just plow the damn football into the end zone.
ChiefsAAnother methodical win. The Chiefs are like the Borg. Your team will be assimilated.
ColtsAI think the quarterback rankings go like this now: Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and then Andrew Luck. He put on a show. Then again, he's been putting on a show since before he came into the league.
CowboysB+I truly believe that despite being in such a craptacular division, the Cowboys saved their season. A loss after the Dez Bryant meltdown would have been disastrous. Tony Romo saved the day.
DolphinsABeautiful, tough win. Followed by utter disaster.
EaglesA+++Eagles fans…you mad, bros? 
FalconsF---Matt Ryan is putting in one of worst post-big-contract-signing performances of all time. He threw three interceptions against the Panthers in what was a must-win game. Matt Gabbert.
Giants Bye
Jaguars Bye
JetsA+The Jets are winning with old-school football: running and defense. It's what they're doing on the defensive side of the ball that's amazing. Mainly, they were able to generate an amazing pass rush against New Orleans using just the front four.
Lions Bye
PackersCNothing matters coming out of this game except the status of Rodgers. The Packers hold their breath.
PanthersACam Newton is right behind Luck right now in terms of his play. That Panthers defense crushed the Falcons' soul, but Newton's play remains a propellant.
PatriotsA++Gronk score. Gronk spike. Gronk happy. Ugh.
RaidersF---A defense gives up seven TDs to a scrub. Unreal. Totally humiliating.
RamsC-Zac Stacy almost single-handedly kept it close with 127 yards and two scores on 27 carries. The rest of the team stunk.
RavensDBaltimore is done.
RedskinsBThey're lucky the Chargers' play-calling at the end of the game was so bad.
SaintsC-They were banged up, sure. But a horrible loss.
SeahawksBA win is a win.
SteelersF---It won't be Mike Tomlin's, but at end of the season, heads will roll. Many.
TexansInc.They lost, but it truly is hard to say how things might have gone had Gary Kubiak not had that horrible incident. The Texans looked like a different team in the second half.
TitansBChris Johnson's two TDs helped snap a three-game losing streak. The Titans aren't pretty, but they are factors.
VikingsCA loss, but a bump up in grade just for that AP run where he carried 28 Cowboys on his back.
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