BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 11 Rankings?

Brian Pedersen@realBJPFeatured ColumnistNovember 4, 2013

BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 11 Rankings?

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    With not many surprises among college football's top teams this past weekend, there wasn't expected to be much movement among the latest BCS standings.

    But the movement that did occur provides us with plenty of discussion to hold us over until the next found of rankings-shaking contests.

    Here's how the standings look as of now:

    1. Alabama
    2. Florida State
    3. Oregon
    4. Ohio State
    5. Stanford
    6. Baylor
    7. Clemson
    8. Missouri
    9. Auburn
    10. Oklahoma
    11. Miami (Fla.)
    12. South Carolina
    13. LSU
    14. Oklahoma State
    15. Texas A&M
    16. Fresno State
    17. Michigan State
    18. Northern Illinois
    19. UCLA
    20. Louisville
    21. UCF
    22. Arizona State
    23. Notre Dame
    24. Wisconsin
    25. Texas Tech

    Of the 25 teams in the rankings, most are probably where they deserve to be at this point. But a select few have a legitimate gripe, and we'll explain why. Click through the slides to see who got screwed this time around.

Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Ohio State (9-0) is completely to blame for its pathetic nonconference schedule, but that's where the mockery should stop.

    The Buckeyes have no control over which Big Ten opponents they'll face from the Legends Division (other than Michigan) each year. It's not their fault they avoided having to play the three currently on the top half of that side, making an already weak schedule (due to being in a division with Indiana, Illinois and Purdue) that much weaker.

    Faced with a minimum of tough opponents, all Ohio State can do is pound these meek foes into a pulp, as it has against Penn State (63-14) and Purdue (56-0) the past two weeks and how it will probably do the next two weeks against Illinois and Indiana.

    Yet, when the latest BCS standings came out, not only did Ohio State remain behind Alabama, Florida State and Oregon, but it also lost ground on that trio and saw its lead on fifth-place Stanford decrease.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

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    Oklahoma State (7-1) is coming off of a dominant 18-point win at Texas Tech, a game that continued to show how the Cowboys have evolved from a pass-a-lot, who-cares-about-defense team to one that can run the ball effectively and make stops when needed.

    Apparently, that's only worth four spots in the BCS standings.

    The Cowboys moved up from 18th to 14th, moving ahead of plummeting Texas Tech while leapfrogging Fresno State, Northern Illinois and Texas A&M.

    However, it is still behind a pair of two-loss teams (LSU and South Carolina), furthering the belief that SEC teams get more credit for losing games than schools from other leagues get for winning.

Texas A&M Aggies

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    Yes, Texas A&M (7-2) beat up on helpless UTEP on Saturday, a game that should never have been played, especially this late in the season. But the Aggies are in the SEC now, and based on how other teams' schedules in that league look, it's the SEC way to throw in a cream puff in November to help lift late-season spirits. 

    But while LSU actually moved up following a crushing of FCS opponent Furman last week, A&M actually dropped from 12th to 15th in the latest standings following a 50-point win over an FBS foe. Granted, it was a horrible one that has a lone victory (against another one-win FBS team), but was that really something that warrants falling so far in the standings?

    If the BCS doesn't watch out, it may accidentally drop Team Johnny Manziel too far down the standings, thus making it impossible to get the polarizing Aggies QB as a ratings booster for the otherwise unimportant Sugar Bowl.

Northern Illinois Huskies

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    Northern Illinois (8-0) did this past weekend what Northern Illinois has done most weekends this season: crush a weak Mid-American Conference opponent.

    So why, then, did beating 1-8 Massachusetts cause the Huskies to fall from 17th to 18th in the latest BCS standings and move farther behind fellow BCS-buster hopeful Fresno State? They beat a one-win Eastern Michigan team the week before and stood pat, so why fall this time?

    Maybe it's because of the accumulation of woeful foes, which includes nonconference wins over 1-8 Idaho and the worst Purdue team in at least 20 years. If that's the case, NIU's next two games (against 8-1 Ball State and 6-3 Toledo) should provide quite a boost to its ratings, if those games are won.

    If not, there might be something (else) flawed with this system.

Wisconsin Badgers

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    Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

    Wisconsin (6-2) slipped into the BCS rankings last week at 24th, riding the wave of a pair of lower-end Big Ten opponents.

    Now, following a convincing 19-point win on the road against Iowa, a middle-of-the-pack conference foe, the Badgers waited with bated breath to see their placement in this week's standings.

    Spoiler alert: It was 24th again.

    Even more disappointing? Wisconsin was leapfrogged by Notre Dame, which moved from 25th to 23rd apparently thanks to a much-closer-than-expected home win over Navy. Well, that and the fact it's Notre Dame.

    Left for dead in terms of expectations after its official-aided loss at Arizona State and the seven-point defeat at Ohio State, Wisconsin just keeps winning, and winning solidly. But the Badgers will probably keep getting ignored until they knock off a quality opponent...maybe like the 6-2 BYU team that comes to Madison on Saturday.

Houston Cougars

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    Here's the resume for Houston (7-1), the team the BCS forgot about:

    • The Cougars are the only one-loss team from an automatic qualifier conference not ranked

    Yes, it's a short resume, but it accentuates the fact that they are an unknown entity despite having the opportunity in the next two weeks to make a huge splash on the BCS standings by playing at UCF and Louisville.

    Win the first one, Houston deserves to get into the rankings. Win both, and it sure as heck better be.