Former Miami Player Dan Sileo Puts $1,000 Bounty on FSU RB Devonta Freeman

Jeff Bell@@JrayBellCorrespondent INovember 3, 2013

After Florida State's 41-14 win over Miami, former Hurricane Dan Sileo entered his name into the present-day rivalry by putting a $1,000 bounty on Seminoles running back Devonta Freeman, according to

UPDATE: Monday, Nov. 4 

Sun Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde reports that Sielo has been fired. 


Sielo expressed on his twitter page that he offered to resign and has even received death threats.  


-End of Update


The offer came via Twitter and the tweets have since been deleted, but Sileo, a sports radio show host, has stirred up a whirlwind of controversy. It's one thing to be angry when your former team loses to a rival, but it's despicable to involve the notion of purposely an opposing player. 

Sileo's deleted tweet says "in six weeks," which refers to a potential ACC championship game rematch between the two schools on December 7.

The current talk show host has since tweeted that his statements were meant to be a joke, although you have to wonder why anybody would joke about harming an athlete. 

It seems as though Freeman's postgame gesture, in which he made a "U" with his hands, was what sparked Sileo's outrage.

The former 'Cane was fired back in March from WQAM, a Florida radio station, due to an anti-semitic remark, but he's clearly failed to learn the lesson that his words extend far beyond the microphone he talks into for a living.

Should the two schools meet again, you can bet this will be a hot topic of conversation. But in the grand scheme of things, football is just a game. The passion is what makes the game so special, but former players like Sileo are proof that some people continue to take it too far.