Top 10 Game-Changing Plays of Week 10 of College Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 3, 2013

Top 10 Game-Changing Plays of Week 10 of College Football

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    The picture shows you all you need to know about Week 10 of the college football season. Some teams benefited from a dramatic play, while others were sent home in tears. Regardless of whichever side you were on, they were all game-changing plays in the latest week of college football.

    We witnessed a Hail Mary touchdown that decided the game, a monster touchdown reception from a wide receiver who returned from injury. And as always, there was a fat guy touchdown that nearly crashed the Internet.

    Which plays were the most game-changing?

10. Fat Guy Touchdown!

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    I'm starting to wonder if Chris Whaley can actually fall under the definition of fat guy touchdown. He moves extremely well for a big man and now has two defensive touchdowns in the last three weeks.

    His latest was a 40-yard fumble return to give Texas a 21-6 lead over Kansas at the midway point of the third quarter.

    This play opened the game up a bit and allowed Texas to win its fifth straight matchup.

9. Push the Ball Down the Field

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    Check out what the commentator says right before the play.

    UCLA has to push the ball down the field.

    I think Brett Hundley heard you.

    The sophomore quarterback took the snap and chucked the ball downfield to wide receiver Devin Fuller, who made a remarkable catch with the defender on his back. The 76-yard touchdown gave the Bruins a 7-3 lead and reminded the Buffaloes that they were in over their head in this game.

8. Robert Godhigh Gives Georgia Tech a Big Lead

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    Although Pittsburgh was getting outplayed on both sides of the ball, the Panthers were hanging around in the first half. That was until Georgia Tech running back Robert Godhigh took a toss, bounced off a tackle and took it 35 yards for the distance.

    This run gave the Yellowjackets a 14-3 lead heading into the second half and pretty much put the game away.

    Godhigh later ran for another touchdown, but his first run was the game-changer for the Yellow Jackets.

7. 67 Yards!

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    How often do you see this?

    A quarterback takes the snap and then runs right through the teeth of the defense for a 67-yard touchdown. Forget a short gain to move the chains or a 15-yard gain before being tackled by the safety, Clint Chelf is capable of taking it the distance himself.

    This long, impressive touchdown run gave Oklahoma State a commanding 42-24 lead in the middle of the third quarter and put the game away.

6. That's Going to Sting

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    There's nothing worse than allowing a team to score right before the half.

    The team that scores gets a jolt of momentum, and doubt can intrude on the squad that gave up the seven points. Connor Cook's 14-yard touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler with less than 30 seconds remaining proved devastating to Michigan heading into the locker room.

    This play gave Michigan State a solid lead and played a role in the Spartans knocking off the Wolverines for the fifth time in the last six meetings.

5. It's Good!

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    A game-changing play doesn't get any bigger than one that wins a game.

    That's exactly what happened in the West Virginia-TCU game that went into overtime. After Jaden Oberkrom missed a 62-yard field goal, West Virginia's Josh Lambert drilled a 34-yard attempt to give the Mountaineers the victory.

    West Virginia inches one game closer towards clinching a bowl berth, and head coach Dana Holgorsen is off the hot seat for at least one more week.  

4. He's Baaaaaaack

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    Marqise Lee returned after missing a couple of games due to injury. It didn't take long for him to make an impact on USC's offense.

    On the road against Oregon State, Trojan quarterback Cody Kessler made sure to find the talented receiver early. The result was a 71-yard touchdown to give the Trojans a quick lead and take the crowd out of the game. This play made USC, with all the negativity surrounding the program this year, believe that it could actually beat a solid team.

    The result was a convincing 31-14 USC victory.

3. Devonta Freeman Touchdown

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    The Hurricanes did a nice job of weathering the storm against the Seminoles in the first quarter, but they watched the game slip away in the second.

    Already up 14-7, quarterback Jameis Winston finds Devonta Freeman on a screen pass. The junior then does a wonderful job of following his blocks and trotting 48 yards into the end zone. The play put Florida State up by two touchdowns and announced to Miami that it simply didn't have the horses defensively to stop the powerful Seminoles.

    This play was a backbreaker.

2. He Could Go All the Way

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    You got the feeling that Georgia eventually was going to pull away from Florida. You may not have thought it was going to be so quick.

    Already up a touchdown, Aaron Murray finds a wide open Todd Gurley thanks to a blown coverage. The freakishly talented running back then turned on the jets and outran the entire Gators defense for a 73-yard touchdown.

    Although Florida did make an impressive comeback in the second half, this play proved to be too much to overcome.

1. It's Caught!

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    How many times does a game come down to a last-second Hail Mary and you mumble to yourself the game is over?

    Have more hope, my friend!

    Ron Kellogg waits for his receivers to get deep and simply throws it up for grabs. But instead of Northwestern defenders batting the ball down into the dirt, somehow the ball gets tipped into the air, right into Jordan Westerkamp's hands!

    Nebraska wins the game 27-24, and the Wildcats lose their fifth game in a row. The reactions of the Wildcat players speaks volumes to how well this season has gone for Northwestern.