John Cena Will Make World Heavyweight Championship WWE's New Top Title

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John Cena Will Make World Heavyweight Championship WWE's New Top Title

It's time to stop laughing at the World Heavyweight Championship because, as it stands, it's no longer a joke. 

It's not a secondary championship.  It's not the Intercontinental title of the current era.  It is no longer beneath the Diva's championship.  It's not a paper championship or even a SmackDown championship.  These tweets no longer hold any water:

As it stands, the World Heavyweight Championship is the WWE's top title. 

The WWE Championship, widely considered the WWE's most important title, has been hurt by a bad string of pay-per-views where the title was vacant for the better part of two months. 

In fact, had abeyance been considered a person, the 41-day span where the championship was held in (or by) abeyance would be the third-longest WWE title reign of the year.

Meanwhile, WWE's top star, John Cena, was crowned World Heavyweight Champion at Hell in a Cell.  The World Championship seems to be on the same comeback tour that he's on after being out for two months with a triceps tear. 

His main talking point has been to restore value to the once secondary championship.  Cena's first tweet after winning the World Championship from Alberto Del Rio read:

In a recent interview, Cena told New Orleans' Times-Picayune:

(Defending it at WrestleMania 30) will truly put a stamp on making it the real deal. I want the WWE universe to realize that it’s not a second-tier championship. It should be treated with as much respect as the WWE title.

Raw kicked off this past Monday with the type of hot-shot title match designed to transform a belt into a championship.  John Cena's reign appeared to be short-lived as Money in the Bank winner Damien Sandow zeroed in on his surgically repaired triceps.

Sandow cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but with the help of a commercial break and Cena's always-polarizing superman comeback, the champ held on. 

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Cena's goal is to hold on to the World Heavyweight Championship through WrestleMania.  Should that happen, the only thing hotter than the World Heavyweight Championship would be a possibly unified WWE championship. 

WWE's plan to make the World Heavyweight Championship matter is simple: have its biggest star not only carry it, but reiterate his intentions to make it an elite title both on and off camera. 

Cena has emphasized the importance of WWE's big gold belt through a hot title defense, promos and newspaper interviews.  14 world championships in, it is Cena's reign as the World Champion that presently defines him.  No wrestling title could as for a bigger honor.

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