NBA 2K14: Next-Gen Release Will Elevate Video Game Even Further

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIINovember 2, 2013

Photo Credit: NBA 2K14 on Facebook
Photo Credit: NBA 2K14 on Facebook

NBA 2K14 has already broken new ground with its Oct. 1 release, but when the next generation gaming consoles are ready to hit stores, the game will be lifted into a whole new stratosphere.

Playstation 4 is due to be released on Nov. 15, and the XBox One will be distributed the following week on Nov. 22, per's Chris Pereira. With it comes a chance for basketball fans to experience a slew of enhanced features and an unprecedented video game experience for the Association.

The convergence of virtual reality and what's actually happening in the NBA reveals itself in the NBA Today feature.

In the next-gen version of the game, the screen serves as a one-stop shop for box scores, highlights and even analysis of what has happened in the NBA. Forget propping a laptop on a nearby chair, stool or trying to balance it when controlling the game to see what's happening outside of the gaming realm.

With this NBA Today upgrade on next-gen systems, there is no need even to flick over inputs to catch the last few minutes of SportsCenter.

It's not exactly an instance of technological singularity, but it at least keeps the gamer plugged into one vessel instead of juggling multiple devices.

2K Sports has dangled other additions to features, including "MyGM" and MyCareer modes, as well as a feature called "The Park." Gamers appear free to roam around to different courts to play pickup games with other online users, per Megan Farokhmanesh of

But what will make this game a true gem at the next-gen level is the graphics. The realism of players' appearance has increased at a steady rate in every release on the PS3 and XBox 360 consoles, but with the new systems, there will be the most noticeable leap in recent memory.

Just look at this improvement from the game's Facebook page in dueling screen shots of Houston Rockets superstar shooting guard James Harden from the previous edition, then in the next-gen look:

Photo Credit: NBA 2K14 on Facebook
Photo Credit: NBA 2K14 on Facebook

The level of detail is astounding and is discernible even in a photo. For an even better look at Harden, check him out here with new teammate Dwight Howard:

Of course, the graphics are expected to take a big step up above all else with these new consoles. However, to capture the end-to-end, on-court athleticism of professional basketball and make it fluid while displaying unmatched realism is an undertaking that the creators seem to have pulled off brilliantly.

That deserves the most recognition from gamers and even non-video game enthusiasts above all else when the video game drops, in light of the real-life game of basketball's dynamics.