What's Your Fave Indie Wrestling League: Results

Ben SampsonCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

I tallied up all the votes so far, and this is it.

The winning indepedent wrestling promotion is... Ring of Honor! Not suprising at all, with a 24 percent lead over CMLL, TWF, CZW, OMEGA, Chikara, IWF, UCW and VCW. Here are the runner-ups and the other leagues' places

Second place: OMEGA, CZW and CMLL (14% each of votes)

Third Place: IWF and UCW (10% each of votes)

Fourth Place: Chikara, VCW and TWF (8% each of votes)

If you want to start another favourite independent wrestling organization contest, do it on this article, send the link to 3 people and tell those 3 people to send the link to 3 other people, and if you're not sure of any federation names, go to this article that had the first contest:


*I'm adding Scott Beeby and Jason Le Blanc's fave leagues on this article to start the competition.