WrestleMania: Create Your Own Pay-Per-View

robCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

Say you can be a WWE General Manager for a day, and say you can create your own pay-per-view card, not only from today's talent, but from all time.

You can have anyone face anyone.

Who would you like to see? What matches would you like to put together? What would you name your pay-per-view? Who would grace the poster/DVD cover? What would your Main Event be?

You can even chose where it would be held.

If you'd like to participate, put together your dream wrestling card, consisting of eight matches in total. You choose the stipulations and participants of each match. Hell in A Cell, Elimination Chamber, Gauntlet Match, Steel Cage, Six Man Tag, Women's Match, I Quit Match, Iron Man Match—the options go on and on—and it's all up to you. Just keep it to eight matches. I'm interested in what the responses will be.

I apologize if this has been done already, but I haven't seen anything in my four months on B/R. If someone already did something like this, I am sorry. Otherwise, enjoy!