2009 New York Jets Team Expectations

Gregory KoppContributor IMay 25, 2009

The most glaring of those positions right now is WR.  Mark Sanchez needs some weapons to throw to if he is going to be effective in his first year with the team.  He is already beginning to establish himself as an influential leader in the team’s early workouts.  There are a number of things that Sanchez has going for him coming into the season.  The biggest of which is a strong running game.  Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and newly acquired rookie Shonn Greene provide a potent attack on the ground. 

Rex Ryan is poised to use the same strategy he saw work so well in Baltimore last year.  A rookie QB with a potent running game and shutdown defense has an excellent chance to have some success.  Sanchez should be comfortable with Ryan being a defensive-minded coach similar to what Pete Carroll was at USC.

The fans will not be happy if the team misses the playoffs for the second straight year, but should be willing to give Sanchez time to develop.  They only have to look at the other team that plays in New Jersey for hope. 

The Giants traded their first round pick (Philip Rivers) for Eli Manning back in 2004.  After struggling through the first few seasons as a Giant ,he rewarded those that stuck it out with him to a Super bowl victory against the heavily favored New England Patriots in one of the greatest Super bowls of all time. 

Anything short of a 9-7 finish this year will be a disappointment, but the future looks bright for the Jets.