Miami and Florida State Get the Obvious Wacky Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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The biggest college football game of Week 10 gets the obligatory animated preview, because all things worthwhile are better in cartoon form. 

College Spun's Matt Lombardi posted this video hyping the upcoming rivalry dustup between No. 7 Miami and No. 3 Florida State from our friends over at Next Media Animation (NMA) World Edition on YouTube. Yes, these are the same producers who publish the most outlandish animations for the most random news items. 

In fact, if something odd, bizarre or Kardashian occurs, chances are they will splice together some wonky animations and entertain the world with its wonderfulness. 

Now, fans of either team have ingested a lifetime's worth of previews and analysis from the usual talking heads, but none featured Lee Corso wearing Native American garb getting dropped to his demise through a hole in the ground, so consider this to be the ultimate college football preview video. 

Sure, it's light on information and heavy on animated kicks to the groin, but that's pretty much what we need on the Friday before a fantastic weekend. 

The video makes mention of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who is expected to roll out a huge effort in a nationally televised game on Saturday night. 

Miami's wrecking-ball running back Duke Johnson is also featured, but we only slightly doubt he will run into the game while pulling a bus. 

With that, we kindly ask that NMA finds it in its heart to deliver weekly NFL previews, because life is so much better with these things. 

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