The Nickel Vol. 10: Nuggets/RAW, No. 1 Contender, Benjamin/JoMo & Community

AkDSenior Writer IMay 25, 2009

Six Man Tag

I saw bits and pieces of SmackDown, but I made sure I didn't miss Shelton Benjamin's match. While both teams put on a good match in the six man tag, I'm still highly disappointed with Benjamin picking up another loss.

It was good that he wasn't pinned, but a he was still on the losing side once again. Haas put on a strong showing and Ricky Ortiz did pretty well himself, I sort of like the "rally up motivational" thing. It looks like he'll be a heel to some extent.

It was good to finally see Cryme Tyme in action instead of hosting a feud between Layla and Eve. There was still no point in having Benjamin on the losing side when Shad or JTG could have easily been pinned.

I always remain optimistic, so I have another theory. Maybe this lopsided nonsense is to rapidly build Morrison and when Benjamin will have an actual feud with him after Morrison is fully established because he still has a way to go.


McCool gains contendership

Michelle McCool is the No. 1 contender for the Women's championship...Diva grand slam champ anyone? I look forward to McCool's showdown with Melina, but I'm afraid that WWE won't include their history into their feud.

McCool was taken out by the original MNM a couple of years back and McCool has never got a chance for revenge. Alicia Fox's hair is really getting out of hand, something needs to be done.

She tried to send a message to Melina and got five fingers for her trouble. McCool is definitely up for the challenge..Melina better be prepared.


Tonight's RAW

Everybody can expect WWE to take a shot at the Denver Nuggets tonight. I'm can't say I'm excited, Vince doesn't exactly have an acumen for humor. It's always great seeing Miz on the mic, but can he actually start wrestling a bit more?

RAW is almost a complete talk show. I worry about tonight's show because of the shots that will be taken at the Denver Nuggets and Randy Orton's "No one will stop me" 15 min opening segment that has a face coming out to shut him up and cater to the fans.

It follows with tension or an actual Legacy beat down that triggers a run in by some face who has nothing to do with the feud (e.g. John Cena, MVP). Finally, Vickie Guerrero books a tag match or a Legacy handicap match as the main event.

Tonight is supposed to have 10 men tag, but I'm afraid RAW will attempt to be too funny and we'll see less wrestling and more mic time, segments, and jokes of course. I could be wrong and RAW might be exciting, so we'll see.


New Mafia Leader

Sting takes control of the Retirement Home Mafia? Way to go TNA! Leadership has shifted to a man who's about nine years older than the previous leader Kurt Angle. Daniels defeats Suicide for the X-Division title, but gives him a rematch on the spot in which he loses. Interesting.



There's been a lot going on in my absence and I've kept up with it from time to time. I've seen some great pieces and some nonsense, but won't call anyone out. Some people should get a grip and realize what they're doing.

I'm not the controller of minds nor actions..people are free to do whatever they please. I'd like to say great work to those who have been continuing to produce quality pieces and I'll return as soon as I can.

I've been away and have really thought about thing past and present and the community seems to be in dire need of real pieces, so I'll be publishing Oscillating III upon my return.

I'm putting the finishing touches on it and even began working on the fourth installment. Those who have no idea to what the hell I'm talking about you can view the second installment, which has a link to the original. Below is a couple of pieces that caught my eye.

Making an Impact

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-Hopefully I'll be back in action in a week or so.