James Harden Stopped by to Chat with Pete Holmes and It Was Hilarious

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

A recent interview with Houston Rockets star James Harden is as NSFW as it comes, but it's very much worth your time. 

The NBA season has only just started, but there is reason to think the Rockets will be one of the last teams standing when all is said and done. 

However, the interview below featuring NSFW language is anything but your average, run-of-the-mill interview mixed with clichés and talking points. 

No, it's more of a comedy tag team effort with Harden playing straight man to the hilarious host of TBS' The Pete Holmes Show

To be fair, we really learned nothing about Harden, his NBA game or his outlook on the season. And really, that's great news. 

We have all been so inundated by the tedium of regular interviews and the answers that even fans might be able to guess would come from athlete's mouths. 

Instead, this is pretty much how an interview might go if you were granted a few minutes with Harden and were able to ask him the very first thing that comes to your mind. 

When that person is Holmes, the discussion just so happens to revolve around stuff like pickup lines—"Hi, I'm James Harden."

There is also the mention of Harden and his horrible singing, to which the Rockets guard takes exception and asks the host to clarify, ending with, "Oh, I thought you said badly."

And that wraps up pretty much the parts that are safe to write about. 

In the end, Harden looked like he had fun—at least as much as Harden looks like he is enjoying anything. And we now have an interviewer who can be counted upon to ask the dumb questions. 

Those are always the most fun. 


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