20 Absolutely Terrifying POV Sports Videos

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 1, 2013

20 Absolutely Terrifying POV Sports Videos

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    While I can't tolerate seeing a hot girl standing in a Starbucks line taking a selfie, I think we can all agree that when a simple picture becomes a video, it can turn into gold.

    So with people taking Snapchats and posting Vines all the time, some athletes decide to get in on the action—and they don't always turn out as they hoped.

    Check out these terrifying athlete POV videos, and you'll see what not to do when having a camera in your face.

Scooter Sidelined

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    I know that scooters don't exactly carry the same swag as having a motorcycle, but when a rider gets nailed by a car, it hurts just about the same.

    So while this dude probably doesn't have ladies lined up to ride on the back of his two-wheeler, walking away after eating pavement from this crash shows he's a bit of a badass.

Big Wave Rider

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    If there's one sport I wish I could have learned earlier, it's surfing.

    It's definitely not easy, but being able to ride a wave like Kalani Robb does would be completely cool.

    This video might not make you fear the sport, but it's one that reminds you how fast some of those waves can be.

Ball to Crotch

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    This one might not be the typical POV video you'd be expecting to see on this list, but it's terrifying nonetheless.

    Every guy knows the things that should always be protected are your family jewels.

    After getting nailed in his nuts, I can only pray this dude was lucky enough to be wearing a cup—but sadly I doubt that was the case.

    It's OK to squirm at this one.

Surfer Slammed

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    Judging by the weather, going out for a surf probably wasn't such a good idea to begin with.

    If that's not enough, though, just seeing how the wave wraps around this surfer as if it was a blanket being rolled up is terrifying.

    The video might not give us full details of how hard the rider got capsized, but we can all use our imaginations based on the size of that wave.

"Fierljeppen" Canal Jump

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    It will probably take you a few times to see what's going on in this video, but apparently this canal jump executed by this guy is actually a common sport done in the Netherlands.

    Known as "Fierljeppen"—which literally means "far-leaping,"—I'm sure there are a ton of crazy Dutchmen who try to outdo each other—especially after enjoying a few too many adult beverages.

Bicycle Double Backflip

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    The ending of this video might play spoiler—as all you can see is the bike and not the rider actually on it—but that doesn't take away from the fact that a double backflip was attempted.

    I know people who are afraid to even get on a bike, so anyone willing to try to do a trick like this one has to be completely nuts.

Motorcycle Crash

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    There's a very good reason why your parents, friends and girlfriend or wife don't want you to get a motorcycle.

    This would be that reason.

    Going head first into oncoming traffic, this rider showed us what it'd be like to have such bad luck.

Base-Jump Glider

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    The music in this video might appear to make it seem scarier than it really is, but if you think about potentially just leaping off a ledge with the security of a parachute separating you from living and becoming a pancake, it puts things in perspective.

    After the initial leap, it seems like smooth riding—but that's coming from someone sitting behind a computer screen right now.

Matthias Giraud

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    Most skiers I know don't necessarily seek out an avalanche—but most people who strap on skis aren't Matthias Giraud, either.

    This video is just sick, with Giraud weaving on the snow to actually create the avalanche effect. He then drops off a ledge—not without doing a flip, of course—before parachuting down.

    To say I'd just rather watch is an understatement.

Mischo Erban

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    Sixty-two miles per hour.

    That's the speed that downhill skater Mischo Erban is going in this video—meaning that if you were driving next to him and going the same speed, you'd be obeying the speed limit on most major highways.

    Seeing that you'd be in a car and he'd be exposed with nothing but a helmet and good balance on a board attached to two wheels, I'd much rather be in your position.

Half Man, Half Bird

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    Gliding like a bird might seem totally rad, but when you're wearing nothing but a suit with man-made wings, a helmet and goggles, with nothing between you and the ground, it has to be a rush.

    It's not necessarily one that I'd like to try, but for those who do it: Thank you for letting us all live vicariously through you, because it's dope.

Kelly McGarry

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    As if riding along a path that looks to be about a foot in width isn't enough, pro BMX rider Kelly McGarry finishes his ride with a backflip over a 72-foot canyon.

    Thanks for making the rest of us dudes look like a bunch of pansies, Kelly.

Shane McConkey

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    Good God!

    When it comes to pushing the limits, Shane McConkey didn't hold back on breaking barriers.

    So it's not a shock to see him base jumping and weaving himself through open air, past ledges and hanging rocks.

    Unfortunately, his daredevil ways caught up to him while trying to perform a stunt skiing in Italy in 2009.

Snowmobile Fail

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    Having a snowmobile might seem like fun—gliding across a slick surface like ice or snow—but this video makes me never even want to come close to one.

    Maybe I'm just being a wussy, but having one that can't quite make it up a mountain—causing both the rider and heavy snowmobile tumbling back down it—does not look like fun to me.

Formula 1 Wreck

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    If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to sit inside a race car and go close to 200 miles per hour, this driver shows you exactly how it feels—but with a different ending than we'd ever hope.

    Flipping his car multiple times before slamming into a wall, it's amazing he just calmly walked away from this crash.

Darren Shepsman

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    I'd say that driver Darren Shepsman was pretty lucky to walk away from this collision after being redirected off the track and into a barrier.

    I'm guessing that wall he hits at a high speed doesn't have very much give, so it was good to hear him more upset than injured after crashing into it—but it was scary as hell to see how beat up his ride got.

Neil Cointet

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    Sprinting on narrow rooftop edges, jumping across alleys and pulling himself on top of buildings, parkour athlete Neil Cointet makes me sweat just watching his every move as he rolls through a city.

    There were at least 10 times where I thought I was going to witness the last second of his life.

    It's a good thing that never happened.

Ice Climbing Fall

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    Ice climbing might seem like an easy activity—just take a couple picks and move slowly up the side of a mountain, right?

    Uh, after watching this video, it proves to be anything but.

    I couldn't hold back the vulgarities while watching this ice climber skid down the side of a damn mountain at high speeds, hitting rocks and other hard, sharp objects along the way.

    Is fishing not enough of a sport for this guy to stick to?

Felix Baumgartner

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    When a guy accomplishes something that's never been done before—skydiving from space—I've just got to give him his props.

    Thankfully for all of us normal people who will never think about trying this, Felix Baumgartner captured it all for us to experience.

    Reaching a top speed of 833.9 mph—about 140 mph faster than the speed of sound—it's easy to see why his leap is absolutely terrifying.

James Kingston

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    If you've ever wanted to experience what it'd be like jumping from building to building in the form of the extreme sport parkour, let British practitioner James Kingston show you the view of several cities from above.

    I don't know about you, but this is one sport I'll absolutely never attempt to master.