Nike's New LeBron James Commercial Features a Wonderful and Powerful Poem

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

If you have had your eyes open for more than two seconds recently, chances are you have happened upon a LeBron James commercial. Well, the newest from Nike is worth your attention. 

BroBible spotted just one of the latest ads to feature the Miami Heat superstar. But there is something wonderfully different about this iteration of James peddling sneakers. 

This features a wonderful poem written by poet and playwright Lemon Andersen, and it's, in a word, beautiful. For more on Andersen, you can take a gander at his TED Talks recitation of Reg E. Gaines' poem, "Please Don't Take My Air Jordans."

From there, he goes on to explain his journey as a poet.

In a similar fashion, he lends pen to paper to take fans on a short jaunt through the story of James in "Rubber City Soul". From the streets of Akron to a championship parade through Miami, Nike pays homage to the greatest in the game with beautiful words and dynamic syncopation. 

Thankfully, Nike also published the poem on its YouTube page, giving fans a chance to appreciate every last nuance of it. 

For all the world to see
this man child rise up
against the odds
under the Akronite philosophy
In his mind ever burned:
Talent is given
Greatness is earned.

It doesn't do this poem justice to just toss a snippet up there, but the culmination of words really brings the ad to an end with a nice, blunt and forceful stop.

Spend any amount of time on the Internet or in front of the TV, and you are going to come across one of the myriad James ads that are running. 

It goes with the territory, because the premier player in any sport gets a great deal of marketing run. If there is one that you should actually appreciate, it might be this one. 


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