St. Louis Weatherman Takes Frustration out on Beloved Cardinals

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

Even St. Louis weathermen were swinging and missing on Wednesday night.

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas spotted just one piece of the World Series aftermath. While Boston fans celebrated and Cardinals faithful sulked, Fox 2 St. Louis' Glenn Zimmerman just wanted to give local denizens the news that the weather was rather awful.

As if the dropping temperature and soggy weather weren't enough, the graphics failed to work, making this just the perfect night for everything to go wrong—or so goes the thinking for anyone who followed the Redbirds this season.

Zimmerman continues his fruitless pursuit of bringing up a graphic before he gives in to his frustration with the Cardinals, admonishing his team with, "Button works as about as good as our offense did last night. It's like I'm swinging and missing here."

Granted, he didn't go on a tirade about the Cardinals giving up a perfect chance at another title, because, really, the team just finished a great season.

That wraps up the entirety of the "nice" things I have to say about the Cardinal Way and what had to be one of the more polarizing playoffs in recent memory. 

Still, the mighty St. Louis bats were silenced in the Fall Classic. With every called strike and giant whiff, the pain reverberated throughout Cardinals nation. And it struck Zimmerman in the gut as he offered, "Let me take the first pitch. Let me take the second pitch. Let me take the third pitch. Oh, look at that; I struck out."

The team that enjoyed a .332 on-base percentage throughout the season, third-best in baseball, and was third in runs scored as well garnered just a .273 OBP in the World Series and was outscored 27-14.

If that weren't enough, it was apparently raining in the St. Louis area as well. When it rains, it pours. And when the graphics stop working, you immediately chide the Cardinals for their absent offense.


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