The 10 Best Moustaches in World Football History

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2013

The 10 Best Moustaches in World Football History

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    The month of November is upon us once again, which means it is time for gents all around the world to grow a hairy upper lip in the name of charity.

    Originating in Australia in 2004, Movember is designed to raise awareness for men's health issues. 

    In celebration of 30 days of hairy upper lips, here's some of the greatest 'staches to have graced the beautiful game... 

Ronald Spelbos

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    Central defender Ronald Spelbos played in the Eredivisie and with the Dutch national team through the '70s and '80s.

    As you can see, he had a moustache that refused to quit when it reached his cheeks. 

Charlie Paynter

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    Charlie Paynter was best known as the manager of West Ham between 1932 and 1952, but in his playing days at the turn of the nineteenth century, he sported an absolutely spiffing soup strainer. 

    If he went for a header, someone could have lost an eye on one of those emphatically waxed points. 

Chris Kamara

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    During his playing days with the likes of Brentford and Sheffield Utd, Chris Kamara sported a pencil moustache that would make Errol Flynn and Little Richard jealous.

    These days, in his role as Sky Sports' big overexcited teddy bear, the Yorkshireman still shows impressive commitment to the thin strip above his top lip. 

Carlos Valderrama

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    Legendary Colombian midfielder Carlos Valderrama is instantly recognisable by his iconic blond perm. 

    El Pibe has always teamed his bouffant style with a hefty moustache, which he still wears today. 

David Seaman

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    David Seaman was England's No. 1 rover for a decade, and never did he suffer the indignity of a cold upper lip.

    The Arsenal shot stopper won three league titles, four FA Cups and a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, all while wearing his trademark moustache. 

    Post-retirement, Seaman shaved off his face fuzz and cropped his hair. He's barely recognisable now. 

Ian Rush

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    Graham Chadwick/Getty Images

    If stereotypes are to be believed, every single man in Liverpool in the '80s and '90s had a moustache, and they would continually tell people to "cam down! cam down!"

    Striker Ian Rush was one of a troupe of Liverpool players who wore a moustache in this period, thus perpetuating the cliche. 

Vicente Del Bosque

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    The first of two World Cup-winning moustaches on this list belongs to Vicente del Bosque.

    The former Real Madrid midfielder guided Spain to the big prize in 2010, making him the only manager to win the Champions League, the European Championships and the World Cup.

    Could have have done it without his moustache? Definitely. Would we have wanted him to? Definitely not. 

Albert Iremonger

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    Not only was Albert Iremonger a county-class cricketer, but he tended Notts County's goal for twenty years from 1905-25.

    He may look like a civilised gent with his Biggles-style waxed 'stache, but he was quite a troublemaker, often storming as far as the centre circle to argue with the referee. Iremonger was also known to sit on the ball to deliberately hold up play. 

Rudi Voller

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    There was no shortage of Germans with moustaches and curly perms in the 1980s, but former Roma striker Rudi Voller wore the oberlippenbart quite like no other.

    Voller won the World Cup in 1990, but entangled himself in a famous battle of the moustachioed legends when he clashed with Frank Rijkaard during Germany's heated encounter with the Netherlands. 

Michael Bridges

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    Tony Feder/Getty Images

    Now THAT is how you celebrate Movember, folks. 

    Former Sunderland and Leeds forward Michael Bridges now plies his trade down under for the Newcastle Jets. He doesn't usually sport facial hair, but for Movember last year, he grew an impressive set of handlebars and dyed them in his club's colours. Strong effort. 

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