Fans Arrested, Cars Flipped and More Following Red Sox's 2013 World Series Win

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Fans Arrested, Cars Flipped and More Following Red Sox's 2013 World Series Win
Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 to capture their third World Series title since 2004. The victory sent the city of Boston and the surrounding areas into celebration mode, which certainly didn't come as a surprise.

Although the Boston Police Department did well getting out in front of the chaotic crowds as the Red Sox recorded the final outs, things always tend to get a little crazy after a championship. That doesn't change no matter how often a fanbase has gotten the opportunity to enjoy one.

Just before 2 a.m. ET the Boston PD reported nine people were arrested during the hours immediately following Boston's triumph for unruly behavior:

Andrew Ba Tran of the Boston Globe passed along some pictures of the scene after the game, as captured by the paper's Jessica Rinaldi.

One shows fans after they stormed the Fenway Park gates to join the party after the final out:

Another highlights fans climbing on a traffic light right outside the park:

Finally, there was a group of fans celebrating on top of an overturned car:

For whatever reason, flipping cars has become a regular sight during championship celebrations around the world. A YouTube video was even posted of one car getting flipped during the chaos as people poured out onto the streets (Note: NSFW; explicit language).

WARNING: NSFW; explicit language

There were also incidents away from the park. Conor Berry of The Republican reported on a situation at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where a large group of students and fans had gathered to watch what turned out to be the series-clinching game.

The report states some of those in attendance clashed with police when they arrived to break up the gathering. Police used crowd-control tactics to get the situation back under control.

Just after 11:30 p.m, minutes after the Red Sox had clinched their third World Series championship in the past 10 seasons, skirmishes erupted as some students challenged police in the Southwest Concourse, as the large outdoor gathering area is known. Trash cans were overturned and bottles were thrown, including one that appeared to have torn the large outdoor TV screen on which the game was shown.

Police fired rubber pellets and small amounts of tear gas in an attempt to push students back into their dormitories.

Here's a YouTube video of the minor riot outside the school:

Ultimately, the celebration was seemingly kept under control for the most part. The number of arrests were limited considering the large number of people in and around Fenway Park to take part. Any incidents that did take place were quickly diffused.

Looking ahead, Red Sox fans will get another chance to party, likely on Saturday, which is when the championship parade around the city is probably going to take place, according to Nick O'Malley of

It's all because Boston is on top of the baseball world once again.

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