Big Head Nolan is Doon with Toon

robert mcewanContributor IMay 25, 2009

STOKE, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 11:  Kevin Nolan of Newcastle United in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Stoke City and Newcastle United at the Britannia Stadium on April 11, 2009 in Stoke, England.  (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Boy! Oh Boy did Kevin Nolan get his comeuppance! Only a year ago he was the "Maestro,"
the driving force, the "King pin" of a Bolton Team that appeared to be improving (slightly) every year, it seems that it was this praise that went to Nolan's head and he felt that he had to move to a "BIGGER CLUB" in order to achieve his ambitions in football.

Newcastle United came calling and Nolans prayers were answered, this was the
"BIG CLUB" that he had been waiting for, a chance to shine at a higher level, to compete for silverware a chance to prove himself and maybe break into the England setup were all part of Nolans dream. 

The sad and desperate fact of the matter though is that the only reality in it all is that it was indeed only a dream...worse still it has now become a nightmare!

Whilst Bolton were quietly going about the business of maintaining the usual mid-table finish that so bitterly disappointed Nolan, his new "BIG CLUB" were in absolute freefall. 

When it all began, Nolan felt it was his destiny to play with the players that he felt were of the same calibre as himself, and sadly for him, it was indeed true, he is the same as the rest of the Newcastle squad...A self indulgent fool who got too big for his boots, an over paid big head that thought with the exception of the "big four" that Newcastle were the next best and so much better than Bolton...WRONG! 

Because despite spending incredible amounts of money in the last 15 years or so Newcastle have nothing but a big stadium and probably the most loyal fans in England to signify the "BIG CLUB" status that they feel they deserve...the fact is they cannot match the big boys and indeed are quite literally not in the same league.

It is a club in complete disarray and Nolan must be choking on his cornflakes this morning when it finally sinks in that he and his so called "BIG CLUB" were RELEGATED!

Meanwhile the loyal Bolton players and staff not to mention the fans that adored him he left behind will be quietly enjoying securing yet another season in the EPL.

I am sure that a mass exodus will sweep through St James' park in the coming months, I just wonder whether or not it will involve Nolan or if he is already preparing himself for the nasty cold away days at Scunthorpe and Peterborough.