WWE Survivor Series 2013: Victors from Hell in a Cell Who Will Come Up Short

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 30, 2013

Will AJ Lee finally lose her belt at Survivor Series? (WWE.com)
Will AJ Lee finally lose her belt at Survivor Series? (WWE.com)WWE.com

 At next month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, expect several of the victors from Hell in a Cell to come up short in their matches.

Part of this is simply down to the 50/50 nature of WWE’s booking style, but in some cases, the storyline simply demands it.

Having held the WWE Divas Championship belt since June’s Payback show, AJ Lee really is due to lose it very soon. Possibly more importantly, her time as a heel champion is winding down.

The fans are keen to cheer for her—she usually gets more of a reaction from the crowds than apparent babyface Brie Bella—and it’s time for her to turn. However, she has to lose the belt first. Such a move would help garner sympathy for the star, which she needs if her babyface run is to get off to a solid start.

Dean Ambrose is another longtime champion that may very well be headed for a loss on November 24.

The Shield look to be splitting up. (WWE.com)
The Shield look to be splitting up. (WWE.com)

While the talented Ambrose has helped give the much-maligned United States Championship credibility, it’s time for him to lose the titlepresumably against Big E Langston.

Maybe the teased breakup of The Shield shown on Monday’s Raw will also play into this. Perhaps Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns will interfere to help Ambrose, only to inadvertently end up costing him the match, leading to a huge argument between the three.

Others look to be scheduled for losses in Boston too.

CM Punk may have defeated Ryback at Hell in a Cell—and again the following night on Raw—but how will he fare in his expected match with the Wyatt Family at the next pay-per-view?

Will John Cena lose at Suvivor Series? (WWE.com)
Will John Cena lose at Suvivor Series? (WWE.com)/Getty Images

Maybe not too well, considering WWE will be looking to put Bray Wyatt and friends over huge in an attempt to boost them up the card.

John Cena made his big return at Hell in a Cell, defeating Alberto Del Rio to become the World Heavyweight champion. He also retained his title in a tremendous match the following evening when Damien Sandow cashed in his Money in the Bank title shot.

But, really, how much longer does Cena have with the championship?

The title is secondary—something that became abundantly clear during Del Rio’s dreadful run with it—and Cena doesn’t even need it that much. If anything, his real priority should be getting the WWE Championship back.

Why have the company's biggest star waste his time in programs with Del Rio and Sandow when he would be better used in the current angle with Randy Orton and The Corporation?

Of course, WWE’s thinking may be that Cena is, in fact, elevating the title simply because he holds it, which is a perfectly valid point.

If this is the company’s mentality, maybe the star will be World Heavyweight champion a little while longer.