From Bright Lights to Country Roads: Rich Rodriguez is Rodthefraud

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IApril 17, 2008



Rich Rodriguez and his family has moved back to West Virginia.

He is now living on his Mothers property in a trailor which was donated through H.U.D.

The more things change the more they stay the same.  Three years at the University of Michigan as the Wolverine's Head Coach Rich Rodriguez has decided to go back home.  His decision was not a very easy one being the proud man he is.  It was a real blow to his ego, but he had no choice. 

After going 10 and 22 former UofM head Coach Rich Rodriguez, with his famous spread offense and with no quarter back to run it, finally called it quits when losing to Glenville  State.  They had a humiliating loss. 

The first coach schedule to give them extra needed money to help him get a kick back to the four million dollar off-set that he had to pay back to West Virginia University.

Glenville  State spokesman said, 'We didn't expect a win, but we'll take it.'  After winning against the Wolverines by 48 points.