TNA PPV Results: Sacrifice '09

Ali Mashraf@ IMay 25, 2009

TNA Sacrifice (2009) took place last night in the Impact Zone of Orlando, Florida. There were eight professional wrestling matches on the event's card.

Now, let's recap those matches one last time:

Match One: Lethal Consequences and Eric Young defeated The Motor City Machine guns and Sheikh Abdul Bashir

This was an extremely good match with lots of athletic moves, reversals and cool spots. EY couldn't get the best of him but Lethal and Creed covered his failure with their performance.

The action took back and forth until Lethal slingshot himself into the ring with the sunset flip and when EY rolled out, lethal scored the pinfall for victory.


Match Two: Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney (w/ Abyss and Dr Stevie) in a Monster's Ball match

The match started with Wilde getting the better of Daffney till pulling a trash can full of weapons. Then weapons got involved into the match.

Daffney charged at Wilde and before Wilde was ready, drilled her with a detour sign. Daffney nailed Wilde in the corner and choked her with the boot.

Wilde recovered with a set of cookie sheet shots on Daffney and rammed her head with a trash can. Wilde hit the Death Valley Driver on the trash can and pinned Daffney to win the match.

After the match, Dr Stevie told Abyss to slam Wilde onto a pile of thumbtacks. Lauren came in and begged Abyss not to do it. Dr Stevie shoved Lauren out of the way and threatened Abyss. Abyss, then in a rage, chokeslammed Dr Stevie Richards onto the thumbtacks.


Match Three: Suicide (c) and Christopher Daniels fought to a draw for the TNA X Division Championship

The match started as both man locked themselves in the corner. The action took back and forth as Daniels took total control over Suicide.Then Daniels shoved Suicide outside in the floor and went for the Arabian Press but missed.

They battled it outside the ring in the entrance ramp. They each went for a shoulder block, but clunked heads.

Daniels went into the ring. MCMG came out and Sabin distracted the referee as Shelley drilled Suicide with a knee to the face.

Daniels didn't see it and and rolled Suicide for the win.

But he quickly took the mic after seeing the interference on the video screen and told to start the match again for five minutes! Suicide agreed and the match was re-started.

They again went for reversals and some cool fun spots till Daniels hit the best Moonsault but couldn't go for three count.

Suicide went for a cover but the time ran out. They announced the match as draw so Suicide retained the X Division Title.

After the match, Daniels presented the title to Suicide.


Match Four: Angelina Love (c) vs Awesome Kong for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship

Throughout the match, Love wanted to escape the wrath of Kong, but in vain! Every time, Kong pulled her in. 

Kong took control and hit Love with all her strength trying to win the match quickly. Love wanted to run away but was stopped by Sayeed.

Kong rammed her and took her into the ring. It was then the referee was distracted and Love sprayed pwerfume into Kong's eyes and pinned her to retain the title.

After the match Kong hit Love with an Implant Bomb and left her in the ring.

Match Five: Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash

Nash worked on Joe quite sometime into the match till Joe came back into the match.

They went into the floor where Joe rammed Nash into the railing. Nash again took control of the match as he lowblowed Joe but couldn't pin him. Nash began beating Joe with a series of rights till Joe came back with a big boot and then hit the Senton Splash for two count.

Joe then locked Nash with Kokina Clutch till Nash couldn't resist and tapped out.

After the match, Joe gave Nash a hard beating until Nash couldn't move a bit. Then he went out satisfied.


Match Six: Beer Money Inc defeated British Invasion to win the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament

This match was trhe only tag team amtch the fans wanted to see. Beer Money were the fan favorites though they were heels and proved it with a victory over the British Invasion.

Doug Williams got many pinfall attempts but couldn't pull off the victory.

During the match, when Rob pulled Storm out of the ring and beat him down, the crowd chanted for "USA."

Rob again distracted the referee as British Invasion attacked Beer Money from behind. Williams wanted to hit Storm with the briefcase stolen from Hernandez but Roode nailed him with it.

Storm superkicked Williams and pinned him to win the tournament.

After the win, Team 3D came out and congratulated them and held out their hands. It was decided that they would award them with the trophy this Thursday at TNA Impact!


Match Seven: AJ Styles (c) defeated Booker T in an "I Quit" Match for the TNA Legends Championship

From the start of the match, Booker T nailed AJ with all his offensive maneuvers but AJ wouldn't quit.

Styles got back into the match and made the things pretty worse for Booker T.

Sharmell came out to help her husband but she was accidentally knocked out. AJ put Booker into an arm bar, but Booker refused to submit.

Jenna Morasco then came in and threw the towel for Booker T. As a result, AJ won the match and retained the Legend's Title.

After the match, Jenna and Sharmell argued with each other.


Main Event: Mick Foley (TNA World Champion) vs Sting vs Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett in a Four Way Ultimate Sacrifice match

This match featured every tricky and in genius plans of Mick Foley to retain his title. During the match, he even went to the commentary table and did some broadcasting so he could rest whilst the others battled it out.

When the referee was knocked out, many pinfall attempts were refused. 

During the end, Foley battled it out with Sting outside as Jarrett did the same with Angle inside the ring. 

Jarrett hit Angle with a stroke from the second rope on a steel chair. Sting dove in and pinned Angle. As a result, Sting becomes the new leader of the Main Event Mafia.

And, Foley retains the TNA World Heavyweight title.


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