Debate: Should the Redskins Have Traded Fred Davis?

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Debate: Should the Redskins Have Traded Fred Davis?

The Redskins didn't trade Fred Davis at the deadline.  Should they have found a new home for him?


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They'll keep him. Now I don't know if they'll pay him what he's worth, but Davis is a playmaker and there's no reason why we should let him go. He wan...
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To do or not to do! Is now irrelevant because no one wants him. Sooooo, make the best of his playing time and see if he can earn his way back into the...
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No they should be playing two tight ends to protect RG3 help the running game and they might be our best receivers. I love Santana but he seems absent...
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Last year Tom Brady had Gronk & Hernandez. Not saying Freddy D & Reed come close to them but both have shown they can make plays why not use t...
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How in the heck can new england find a way to incorporate Gronk and Hernandez but we cant Davis and Reed,? are our coaches so inept that its either or...
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@Bigg ...we should play him now!!!! He's gone after the season. Davis will produce because he needs something on film for the free free agentmarket.
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