This Lady Is Better at Pop-a-Shot Than You Are at Anything

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 30, 2013

There is no need for anyone to ever play pop-a-shot. In fact, any remaining arcades can go ahead and take down the popular shooting game, because this woman simply owns the game.  

With Leather's Brandon Stroud spotted a video that should strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares to walk into an arcade with change jingling in their pockets. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a great deal of information surrounding this video. What we do know is this woman has the muscle memory of an Olympic athlete and the shot selection of J.R. Smith. 

It all ends with what looks to be a score of 256, besting my own personal mark by...Yeah, let's forget whatever I ever accomplished. 

We do have to give much props and adulation for the man with the brass berries who thinks he can actually follow that up with anything that would be worthwhile. Thankfully, the camera shuts off right before his attempt. 

I just love the way this guy sees what has to be the greatest accomplishment in the history of things being done and thinks, OK, now it's my turn

This is exactly the second I retire from ever shooting tiny balls into a moving basketball hoop. Ah, but some of you have an answer for all of this: It's fake. 

At least that's what one tweet posted by Stroud seems to suggest. And I'm sure a great deal of you cynics in the crowd will scream the video is doctored and proclaim this is all Internet tomfoolery. 

I choose to believe there is a Santa Claus and that there really is a woman out there who shoots like Shawn Marion and can toss up a volume of shots that would make Nick Young blush. 

If she is out there, we need to know more, and we absolutely have to encourage her to tour the country with a random pop-a-shot machine that she dominates for our amusement. 

Now if you need us, we will go back to not being this excellent for the rest of our lives. 


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