Debate: Should the Giants Have Traded Nicks?

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Debate: Should the Giants Have Traded Nicks?

The Giants didn't move Hakeem Nicks at the deadline.  Should they have found a new home for him?


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Randle isn't ready to replace Nicks yet (drops and wrong-routes). And the Giants aren't out of the playoff race. Nicks is an important part of the 2nd...
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I am glad the Giants did not trade Nicks. He is a good receiver with big play ability. Once Eli and Gilbride open the offense back up, i'm sure we wil...
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No. We wouldn't of received equal compensation for nicks. People seem to forget nicks was a HUGE part of our Super Bowl run in 2011. If we have any ho...
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Yes nicks acts like he doesn't want to be a giant . I think he has a serious issue with Victor Cruz's contract. Probably feels like he should be getti...
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No way... Ignoring the fact that after an abysmal start to the season the giants are very much in contention for the number one spot in the pathetic N...
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