FOX Sports Analyst Calls Alabama Football Fans 'Dumbest in the Country'

Sebastian LenaAnalyst IOctober 30, 2013

Are Bama fans really the dumbest?
Are Bama fans really the dumbest?

Alabama now has another accomplishment it can add to its ever-growing trophy case: the No. 1 ranking for dumbest fanbase in America.

According to’s Clay Travis, success doesn’t just breed also breeds idiots:

The Alabama Crimson Tide fan base is the dumbest in the country and there isn’t a close second.

Alabama’s fan base stupidity is not a function of a small minority of bad apples ruining it for the rest of the fans, nope, it’s the majority of the fan base that gives Alabama fans a bad name.

Let’s be clear about this, Harvey Updyke was not an outlier.

When news broke that authorities had arrested a man for poisoning the trees at Auburn, millions of Alabama fans secretly thought to themselves, “God, I hope it’s not Uncle Ray."


The selection caps off a controversial top 10 list that also includes the fanbases of (from 10-2): Tennessee Volunteers, Dallas Cowboys, West Virginia Mountaineers, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Arkansas Razorbacks, Ohio State Buckeyes and Kentucky Wildcats.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these choices also happen to be very successful programs or franchises.

So what exactly is this Travis guy’s beef with the Tide and these other teams?

Maybe, it’s just to get a knee-jerk reaction from fans. If you recall, this is the same guy who famously asked Tim Tebow if he was saving himself for marriage and Les Miles if he really ate grass.

Or maybe it could be since he was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn.

It’s no secret that Alabama owns the Volunteers. In fact, the team has won all seven meetings since Saban took over back in 2007—six of which were decided by 20 points or more, including last weekend’s 45-10 thrashing.

Whatever the case, Clay certainly has a lot of anger towards the Tide fanbase.

And he has no problem letting the rest of the world know it.

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