University of Houston Football Coach Tony Levine Reveals Halloween Uniform Prank

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Just because it will be Halloween on Thursday doesn't mean Houston head coach Tony Levine can't celebrate April Fool's a little bit early, too.  

With Houston hosting South Florida on Thursday night, Levine decided to play a little prank on his team, revealing that the team would be wearing a new uniform to celebrate the holiday. But instead of displaying something new or fresh, he instead unveiled a uniform that looked a high-school jersey from a bad football movie from the 80s. 

As the Houston players sized up the fake uniform, the team then brought out the actual jersey they would wear on Thursday, a pretty sleek take on their standard design. 

Of course, Levine could have probably gone a bit further with the prank. What if he unveiled a bright pink uniform, or a uniform with clashing, unpleasant colors? 

Hearing the silence in the room after he unveiled a truly hideous uniform would have been priceless. Nonetheless, the outdated but realistic design certainly had the effect of fooling quite a few players. 

And this isn't the first time Levine has played the prankster.

According to David Ubben of Fox Sports, Levine has had a bit of fun with the media in the past, saying he would move running back Charles Sims to cornerback in April of 2012, before he coached a game. This season, he jokingly made an announcement that the team's logo would add an "O" to make it "UOH," to reflect the "of" in "University of Houston."

The Cougars can afford a bit of levity. The team is currently 6-1 and faces a very beatable foe this week in South Florida. With a win, the team would be 7-1 heading into matchups with No. 23 UCF and No. 19 Louisville, a stretch that will have major implications in the American Athletic Conference. 

No matter what they're wearing over the next three weeks, the only thing they'll care about is what the scoreboard looks like after the game.

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