Blue Jays Have Survived Worse

Ian HunterCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

I am completely guilty of being the eternal optimist. Just because the Toronto Blue Jays are in the midst of a six game losing streak doesn't mean that it's time to lose all hope. The best suggestion I can offer the current situation is that things have actually been worse.

Apr. 21-26, 2008: The Jays lose six straight games, including a sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays. During this period after being benched for one game, high-priced DH Frank Thomas decided he had enough, as the Jays and the Big Hurt parted ways.

May 9-12, 2008: If you thought a six game losing streak was bad, during the Jays' road trip to Cleveland, there was a point where they had not scored a run for 31 consecutive innings. The bats finally came alive in the 10th inning on May 12, but not before almost going three-and-a-half games without having a single Blue Jay even touch home plate.

June 14-21, 2008: Interleague play was not kind to the Blue Jays. After winning the series opener against the Chicago Cubs, the Jays dropped the next seven straight games. Manager John Gibbons didn't even make it out of the road trip, as he was canned shortly after the Blue Jays 1-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

May 1-10, 2007: This was a point in time when it seemed like nothing was going right for Toronto. The major casualty during this skid was Roy Halladay, as he was sent to the disabled list with appendicitis. Not only that, but the Jays lost nine games straight. I remember that time vividly because I went on a week's vacation, only to return and find out that the Jays still had not won a game.

There are many high and low points throughout the 162 game MLB schedule. This just happens to be a low point for the Blue Jays. After standing perched at the top of the American League for so long, it seems like the Jays have been held to such high expectations that fans are willing to jump ship the minute that the waters start getting rough.

Let's just keep in mind that the Blue Jays are not a sinking ship and Shea Hillenbrand learned that hard way that this wasn't true. So please grab a life jacket and weather the storm with us, won't you?