Jonny Flynn: Quick Glance

Tyler BealmearContributor IMay 24, 2009

Johnny Flynn

Syracuse No. 10, Sophomore, PG

By the Numbers:

PPG: 17.4
FG%: 46
APG: 6.7
RPG: 2.7
SPG: 1.4
BPG: 0.2
3P%: 31.7
FT%: 78.6
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185


Tremendous athletic ability, makes up for his size with his athletic ability; he has a knack for coming up clutch; has great one-on-one skills, made many defenders look silly in his two seasons at Syracuse; creates shots for others at will, his passing is excellent; his change of speed is the best in the NCAA; he gets to the rim with ease, which often allows him to get to the line where he shoots a respectable 79 percent.


Turns it over like nobodies business, over three TOs a game; standing not a centimeter over six feet, he's a little undersized for the NBA; occasionally he tries to force shots, and he's not a great perimeter shooter when there's a hand in his face.


Rajon Rondo, but a little better jump shooting