Please, NASCAR: Let Me in The Tuesday Meeting

Sam HeganCorrespondent IMay 24, 2009

Oh please, let me be at your Tuesday meeting, NASCAR.


I can tell you what is wrong, NASCAR, and it isn’t a drug policy. It is a loss of focus on what stock car racing should be.


You no longer represent stock car racing. You are trying hard to be the closed-wheel IndyCar, and people, that hasn’t worked out too well. The IndyCar series is boring. The same old cars driven by automatons with little emotion is not my idea of riveting.


The only bright spot to the series is Danica Patrick, and I’m a guy so that really doesn’t count.


So please, let me come to the meeting. The owners, crew chiefs, and drivers will be scared to tell you the truth. I, as a fan of NASCAR, would be glad to tell you.


Let us begin with these idiotic rules governing how a driver acts on the track. If a driver gets irritated, let them have it out. The public would enjoy it and just look back at it like the 1979 Daytona 500 and "the fight."


People remember the fight, but a whole lot forget that Richard Petty won the race. In fact, I wouldn’t be past giving aggression points to the pit crews. The crews could really appreciate those athletes on the team the talking heads point out to us viewers then.


If you can’t buy that one, how about this: Let the crew chiefs have an imagination. So what if a rivet is hollow, an oil tank lid pops off, or an extra fuel cell is put in the car. Let them be creative and create to the best of their ability the car their cheating little hearts can build.


It solves the problem with tech inspectors so NASCAR can reduce cost and puts the money where it belongs—in the owner’s pocket. Just give them a canvas and let the cheating begin.


With a fun car courtesy of the crew chiefs and an interesting pit lane, what about finding racecourses that are more challenging? Let them do the “Rush Hour 500,” in the major cities on a Friday evening.


See how fleet of foot Kyle Busch would be while dueling with an 18-wheeler at 30 mph.


Hey it couldn’t be any worse than a 500-mile snooze fest at a cookie-cutter racetrack. Even the insurance companies and one of Speed TV’s series, “Wrecked,” could be an active participant. This kills two birds with one set of tires so to speak.


Now that we covered drivers and crew chiefs, road courses are the final item that would make the cars closer to stock again. I would love to see something close to stock cars racing on the track.


Make the doors actually work, and since they run in the heat of the summer, how about air conditioning? It would help the technology. I know I’d love to have an air conditioning compressor that will do 9,500 RPM.


I’m sitting here writing this article, waiting for the Coca-Cola 600 to begin. There's a rain delay and most likely rain postponement until Monday, so how about setting these cars up to run in the rain?


Sure, they are 3,500 pounds, so they will be slower. It would also allow the teams to implement my first suggestion with a rain donnybrook. I have a lot more ideas NASCAR, so please, just let me in.


So how about it NASCAR. Can I make your meeting Tuesday? I have a ton of ideas and I don’t mind letting you know what they are.


All things considered, you will only take things under advisement and not actually do anything, so what’s the harm?


I promise not to embarrass you too much. I’ll be on my best behavior.


Can I bring a friend? She wants to put her two bits in as well. We make up your fan base NASCAR, so please oh pretty please let us come.