Blake Griffin Forms 'The Griffin Force' in Kia Optima Commercial

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistOctober 29, 2013

Los Angeles Clippers big man Blake Griffin has a lot on his plate these days.

He's perhaps most responsible for helping Doc Rivers turn L.A.'s afterthought franchise into an NBA powerhouse. With a steady hand in the low post and a renewed focus at the defensive end, Griffin and All-NBA running mate Chris Paul can give Clippers fans the kind of postseason success this franchise has never known in its NBA history.

But that's not all that's on Griffin's docket.

When he's not fighting to save his franchise, he's apparently working toward helping common folk avoid the danger that is driving around in a lame vehicle.

Aided by comedian sidekick Jack McBrayer and an unidentified elderly gentleman known simply as "The Intern," this crime-fighting combo is willing to go to great lengths to put people into Kia Optimas. Dubbed "The Griffin Force," they apparently will put life and limb at stake in this pursuit, one Kia Optima at a time.

Whether they can unearth any clues to help Griffin's basketball prowess isn't entirely clear yet, but you have to think this puts less stress on his frame than leaping over an Optima the way he did en route to the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest championship.

If nothing else, this solidifies his position as the league's greatest showman. No one does commercials like him, and no one has meant more to the poster printing business than he has in the last three years.

If McBrayer is throwing him feeds anywhere near the quality of Paul's, expect Griffin to deliver some delicious finishes to this series of ads.

Just like Rivers' tenure in L.A., this feature is only the beginning. Where this "Griffin Force" goes from here is anyone's guess. But I'm just glad that we'll all be along for the ride.