Addazio Press Conference Highlights: Virginia Tech

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Addazio Press Conference Highlights: Virginia Tech
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Summary of last game ... we ran the ball pretty well. We rushed for over 200 yards and quite frankly we could have rushed for 250. We averaged over five yards a carry rushing the ball and when you're doing that, that shouldn't be the outcome. Our passing game was a non-factor for a multitude of reasons. Some were bad down to distances; there were a serious number of drops and some sacks that we probably didn't need to take. So when you just watch it, series-by-series from an offensive standpoint, it's a hard thing to watch because it's not like you are getting smashed out there, but you are stepping on your own foot and you're not executing - we need to execute because we need to be a very systematic team down the field. Turnovers, penalties, all those things - all they do is stall drives and they create problems because we are not the kind of team that can remake that up with a multitude of chunks which some teams can do.

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