Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Greg Schiano Could Ruin 3 Careers in One Season

Merlisa Lawrence CorbettFeatured ColumnistOctober 30, 2013

Mike Glennon tries to recover the ball against the Carolina Panthers.
Mike Glennon tries to recover the ball against the Carolina Panthers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 0-7, are batting zero when it comes to wins. But coach Greg Schiano might score a triple in career-killing.

Schiano has all but lost his job and damaged the career of former quarterback Josh Freeman. Could he also be setting up quarterback Mike Glennon for failure?

According to Tampa Bay Times columnist Tom Jones, Schiano has put Glennon is the worst possible situation to succeed. Jones writes:

The rest of this season likely won't be enough for the Bucs to accurately gauge whether Glennon is the quarterback of the future or a future backup...And because of that, the Bucs will have no choice but to start over again next season with the next franchise quarterback.

That's a pity. Glennon seems like a decent guy who just wants to work hard and live his dream of playing in the NFL. Glennon didn't ask to be tossed to the wolves to salvage a coach who threw the previous quarterback under the bus. 

In the old days, circa 1988, a quarterback like Glennon would spend years as an understudy to a veteran. Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers), Jeff Hostetler (New York Giants) and Mark Rypien (Washington Redskins) were among many former backups who benefited from time on the sidelines.  

But in this era of the rookie sensation, a bad coach can ruin a quarterback's career. Especially a coach who is on the hot seat. Schiano has torched the Bucs' season and could leave the careers of Glennon and Freeman in ashes.   

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans show signs of disapproval.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans show signs of disapproval./Getty Images

Freeman was once considered a talented young quarterback. Perhaps it's pure coincidence that his career took a turn for the worse under Schiano's leadership. Freeman is certainly not playing with the confidence he had in 2011 and the earlier part of 2012. 

Glennon might be next. Instead of guiding his young QB along, Schiano presented the dude as savior. He is overpraising Glennon when accurate analysis is needed. Schiano is so busy trying to justify his actions that he says and does things that only add to the already tremendous burden resting on Glennon's shoulders. He told the Tampa Bay Times' Rick Stroud that the reason they relied so heavily on the pass is that Glennon was doing so well.

Schiano actually said “I think what happens is you’re so, we are very comfortable with the way Mike reads things out. So it’s you excited and it’s like having a new toy. But it’s not the best thing for us to win football games.''

No. The reason Glennon had to throw so much was because the Bucs were always playing catchup and the running game was on injured reserve.

What Schiano says rarely jives with what Bucs fans see on the field. They are fed up with Schiano and his "we're gonna get better" pep talks. Meanwhile, Glennon could be collateral damage.

It's a shame, too. It's one thing for Schiano to destroy his own career. But taking down two talented quarterbacks with him could be his worse offense yet.