Add Another Ex-Con to the List for the Cowboys

Emmett CorboyContributor IMay 24, 2009

Michael Irvin, Nate Newton, and Erik Williams: three of the most illustrious Cowboys ever to be arrested. It's now time for them to move over—squeeze somebody else onto the list.

Jeffrey Lawrence Galland.

While he never suited up for the 'Boys, ex-convict Galland was a consultant who helped Dallas when they upgraded their practice facilities last year. The same practice facility that collapsed earlier this summer, leaving 12 injured and one paralyzed.

Galland was released from federal prison in 2000 after serving a four-and-a-half year sentence. Galland pleaded guilty to charges of using a firearm during a violent crime, and conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana. He was also arrested in 1994 and was convicted of burglary.

My question is: does Jerry Jones even know the meaning of a background check? I know that convicts deserve a second chance, but before hiring anybody, you should check their references and qualifications.

Galland's résumé falsified information about his education. The résumé said he had earned a BS in Physics from Washington University, but he has not. It also said he had taken classes toward a master's in structural engineering at UNLV, but he has not.

Jones and the Cowboys need to take a little more time and put a little more effort into deciding who they hire. It is possible that the hiring of Galland cost one man to lose the ability to walk for the rest of his life.