Lions Fan Freaks out in Hilarious Fashion After Surprise Win over Cowboys

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 29, 2013


Welcome to Week 8 for Detroit Lions fans—a time of hope, passion and unbridled joy. 

We suggest you look away from here on out, though. 

By now you have all seen footage of Matthew Stafford's excellent drive late in Sunday's game to steal a win from the Dallas Cowboys. If you have, you can always hear the audio of a mic'd up Stafford to nicely round out a great story. 

Or, you could enjoy a recap from a Lions fan who absolutely lost his mind the second the game ended—which is exactly what one would expect when the Lions come from behind in splendid fashion. 

Warning: NSFW (language)

And with that, we have a glimpse into the best football game this man has ever seen, and we completely believe him. 

For those uninitiated, Ford Field was witness to possibly the best ending to a game this season. With a shade over a minute left in the game and no timeouts, the Lions marched 80 yards to the Cowboys' 1-yard line

That's when a frantic Stafford ran to the line and yelled, "Clock it!"

After the game, Stafford said, "I was yelling that I was going to spike the ball. But their linebackers were just standing there." So, instead of spiking the ball, he took the snap and leaped enough to break the plane of the end zone. 

After some review, the ruling on the field stood as a touchdown. That's when we imagine bars and living rooms across the greater Detroit area erupted in general jubilation. 

That's also when this super fan offered things like, "Watch how smart he is. He say [expletive] this, I'm not gonna spike it. He says spike it, right? Throw the ball in the ground...He's like [expletive] that I'm gonna jump over the top."

Take note, America. For many of you, and I'm including myself, we look just as crazy when our team gets a late touchdown, scores a buzzer-beater or hits a walk-off home run for the win. 

But who cares how ridiculous it all looks, because it feels pretty damn good when things like this happen. Now, we really need to see the video of the opposite Cowboys fan reaction. 


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