Triple H Will Be Revealed as the Devil of Which Bray Wyatt Speaks

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIOctober 29, 2013

Last night's episode of Raw was fantastic. From start to finish, the show was filled with surprises and new directions. Characters stepped up and provided an entertaining three hours of television. At the center of the madness was Bray Wyatt and The Family. 

After Daniel Bryan put Shawn Michaels in the Yes Lock (a moment we'll look back on as pivotal for Bryan), the hottest babyface in the company was brutally attacked by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan backstage. Michael Cole said on commentary that Bryan was taken to a local medical facility. 

Later in the show, after Punk resolved his issues with Ryback in a decisive victory, Wyatt, Harper and Rowan destroyed the Straight Edge Savior. 

After both assaults, Wyatt proclaimed "The Devil made me do it" before cackling maniacally. 

Cryptic promo work from Wyatt isn't anything new. In many cases, it's weird for the sake of being weird. What exactly did "Follow the buzzards" mean? The point is, it didn't need to mean anything. It was creepy and projected a sense of danger and menace. 

This week's events, though, go far beyond nonsensical horror. Wyatt is working for someone. I'm willing to bet that that someone will be revealed as Triple H. 

Over the last few months, the WWE has reopened the Attitude Era playbook with the evil authority figure versus rebel up-and-comer storyline. The plot points may vary, but Daniel Bryan is playing Stone Cold Steve Austin to Triple H's Vince McMahon. Now, we may be seeing Wyatt step into the Undertaker's role in the Corporate Ministry. 

Upon their arrival late in the summer, Wyatt and his followers set their sights on Kane as the company's resident monster. At SummerSlam, The Family vanquished Kane, and the monster has since returned with a clearly changed viewpoint. He's not prepared to work for Stephanie McMahon and presumably Triple H, as well.

Now, Wyatt has taken out the biggest thorn in Triple H's side for the last few months and Punk, who has caused Triple H problems in the past. Wyatt and Triple H have never crossed paths on television, but it wouldn't be shocking if it was revealed that the COO is calling the shots.

It would require a long walk of a promo to explain why a cult leader like Wyatt would be willing to serve a corporate boss, but stranger things have happened in the WWE.

Remember when Rikishi hit Stone Cold with a car for The Rock, but then it actually turned out to be for Triple H? Then there was that whole time when Kane forcibly impregnated Lita and was the bad guy against Matt Hardy, but then Snitsky accidentally caused Lita to miscarry the child and suddenly Kane, the same guy that sexually assaulted Lita, was the good guy coming to her rescue?

Yeah, stranger things have happened. 

Vince McMahon is the only other option. He's been off television for a long time now and has been referred to in the past as "The Devil." Recall the end of WrestleMania X-7 when Austin turned heel and Jim Ross famously noted that Stone Cold had sold his soul to to The Devil himself. 

This could work; however, I don't expect Vince to return as a heel. He's going to come back as the force of good against the dictatorial, megalomaniac Triple H to end the power trip. It's more likely that Vinnie Mac is behind Big Show's repeated disruptions of WWE programming, whether it's cutting into the live feed, driving the semi backstage or simply getting into the building to come down the aisle. 

Triple H is trying to redefine himself as a monster of a boss, and aligning himself with real monsters in the Wyatt Family appears to be that next step.