Roberto Mancini and Rosella Sensi Exchange Some Heated Remarks

K ShakranSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

The rivalry between Inter Milan and AS Roma took another turn as both sides have exchanged some hot words.

Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini has claimed that AS Roma captain Francesco Totti is being favored by referees and the Italian Football Association.

He also said that he should have been sent off against Udinese for his remarks towards the referee.

"Inter’s coach should have stayed quiet and his criticism annoyed me,” AS Roma President Rosella Sensi told Calcio Italia.

“It would be better if he just concentrated on doing his job and talked about his players rather than ours.”

Totti had a fine worth 8000 Euros, which angered Mancini saying that the Italian Football Association is afraid of hitting hard on him.

"It seems to me that his ideas are somewhat confused. I think Mancini has far more serious problems with managing his own side as the insults he receives come from his own players," AS Roma assistant coach Bruno Conti said.

Truly, Mancini should have kept quiet and dealt with his team's affairs for the time being.

Mancini has no reason to start accusing players and criticizing the Italian Football Federation.

His overall target for all of this focused on clearly distracting his rival team, AS Roma. Even if Totti had "unsuitable" remarks directed towards the referee, it's none of Mancini's business. 

Let the referees perform their job, let the IFA perform it's job and let managers handle their own affairs.