What We Learned from Monday's Edition of Raw

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2013

What We Learned from Monday's Edition of Raw

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    The post-Hell in a Cell edition of Raw certainly didn't disappoint, with some big storylines being put to bed and some even bigger ones launching ahead of the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November.

    Some Superstars cemented their growing reputations within the company, whilst some appear to be going backwards.

    Here, Bleacher Report takes a look at the big moments from Monday's edition of Raw, who came out of it the best and what we can expect in the coming weeks based on what happened on the show.

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Kane Is a Brilliant Heel

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    The returning Kane left plenty of doubt in people's minds as to which way his future lay at Hell in a Cell.

    He appeared to be continuing as a face after his revenge attack on the Wyatt Family, but his attack on The Miz afterwards left people unsure as to which way the monster was going to go.

    We firmly had that answer delivered on Raw.

    Kane dispatched of The Miz in no time on Monday's show before calling out Stephanie McMahon to pledge his allegiance to "The Authority." That was a great move from WWE creative.

    Kane is designed to be a heel. His look and his character has no place in really being a face—only Daniel Bryan made it work for him in the past.

    Could a prolonged run as a top heel for Kane lead to a WrestleMania 30 match with the Undertaker? It would certainly be a match fitting of the grandest occasion of them all.

The Real Americans Are Going Places

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    There was plenty of exciting tag team action again on Raw, headed up by the defending champions The Rhodes Brothers taking on The Real Americans.

    The direction Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro have been going in has been clouded of late—in truth, they didn't seem to be going anywhere. That probably wasn't helped by the fact a fellow heel tag team held the titles for so long.

    Now the straps are in possession of a babyface team; that victory by Swagger and Cesaro on Monday night looks to have put them at the head of the queue.

    And boy, how impressive was Jack Swagger? We all know what a physical presence Swagger can be, but we got a reminder of just how technically brilliant he can be in the ring on Monday night.

    In the past, I've been critical of the two as a team, but they finally look to be going places.

The Wyatts Are on a Mission

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    One thing you can guarantee about Raw these days is that Bray Wyatt will always deliver a bizarre twist.

    Monday's show delivered not only one surreal Bray moment, but two. Normally, we're accustomed to the Wyatts taking out people that do not really have much of a bearing on the show—such as The Miz or Kofi Kingston.

    Their attacks on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk—probably the top two face Superstars in the company at the moment—suggest that something is brewing with Bray Wyatt and company.

Poor Damien Sandow, You Just Can't Beat Super Cena

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    It's not often you feel terribly sorry for a professional wrestler. However, circumstances seemed to conspire against Damien Sandow on Monday night.

    What chance did he have, really? John Cena had only been back on TV 24 hours since his lay-off from injury, so a cashing in of the Money in the Bank briefcase seemed unlikely.

    Even when Sandow crashed Cena's "injured" elbow into the steel steps before the match got underway, you just knew Sandow would become person No. 2 to fail to successfully cash in.

    What now for Damien Sandow? Surely his chance at a World Heavyweight Championship title run in the near future has disappeared. It's hard to see where he really goes from here.

    When he won the briefcase back in the summer, people questioned whether Damien Sandow was worthy enough of winning it. It seems as if WWE creative had those doubts all along, too.

Stop Screwing Big E Langston

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    Another title opportunity on Monday night, another win via disqualification for Big E Langston on Monday night.

    We've grown accustomed to The Shield dishing out beatings on a regular basis, but it seems a bit of a waste to do it on Big E Langston—the guy who was supposed to be getting a huge push from the company.

    Hopefully creative push on and continue with the Langston vs. Dean Ambrose rivalry—their match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view had all the makings of a classic until it ended in the wrong way.

    Big E would make a great champion, and he is starting to gain the crowds respect as a face. Whatever happens, the future looks bright for Big E Langston.

    All he needs now is a championship around his waist.

Michaels vs. Bryan Is on

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    Daniel Bryan and his former mentor Shawn Michaels delivered a brilliant segment on Monday night, potentially setting off a huge feud between the two.

    Raw left us unclear as to whether Bryan is still at the head of the list of contenders for Randy Orton's WWE Championship.

    If he isn't, then a potential match with Michaels would make brilliant viewing. The seeds were sown on Monday night, when Bryan made Michaels tap out in the middle of the ring.

    Michaels also put a nice heel promo over, too, suggesting that he could be around for the long haul.

Big Show vs. Triple H Is Also on

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    It's been threatened for months, but it looks like we will finally see the Big Show go up against Triple H in the near future—probably at Survivor Series.

    Big Show delivered again on Monday night, crashing Randy Orton's championship celebration to knock the newly crowned champion out cold in the middle of the ring.

    The show went off the air with Big Show once again enjoying the adulation and admiration of the crowd, and Triple H again coming off second best.

    Big Show really has been thriving under this new role, and a match where Show could earn his job back should he win seems a likely solution.

    If the two can deliver the tension they have been building over recent weeks in a match, it would make compelling viewing.