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50 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterOctober 30, 2013

50 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

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    The NBA regular season just kicked off and it seems everything is just as we left it. The Heat are stacked, the Pacers are solid and the Clippers can't quite pull it all together. It's kind of comforting in a way. 

    Also just as we left them are the dancers of the NBA. They're as talented, enthusiastic and stunningly beautiful as ever. Because there are only so many hours in a day, it's hard to keep up with game action around the league and the dancers. 

    So I've put together a list of the 50 hottest dancers in the NBA to save you some time. You're welcome, world. 

50. Sara

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    Name, Team: Sara, Atlanta Hawks 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Sara is a devout Catholic who loves Jeeps almost as much as she loves reading The Bible. She once hang-glided over the Swiss Alps and is a speech pathologist, specializing in endoscopy and swallowing disorders. 

    I almost made a joke about the swallowing disorder thing, but then I remembered that I'm not allowed to say things like that. You're welcome, content standards. 

    Sara's Official Bio

49. Amanda Jo

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    Name, Team: Amanda Jo, New York Knicks 

    Tenure: Third Year

    Dancer Fact: Amanda Jo is a Penn State graduate, who majored in Business and danced on the nationally ranked Lionettes dance team whilst residing in Happy Valley. 

    Seriously…why do they call it Happy Valley?

    Amanda Jo's Official Bio

48. Kayci

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    Name, Team: Kayci, Houston Rockets 

    Tenure: Veteran

    Dancer Fact: Kayci's favorite part about being a Rockets Power Dancer is being able to "share [her] God given talent with all the fans as well as [her] wonderful teammates!" 

    That's my favorite part about doing this slideshow. Sharing my God given gift for researching cheerleaders online with the world. You're welcome, God. And America. 

    Kayci's Official Bio

47. Kimberly

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    Name, Team: Kimberly, Golden State Warriors

    Tenure: Second Year

    Dancer Fact: Kimberly feels "absolutely honored" to be a Warrior girl, which she says is a "dream come true" because they are "an elite dance group" and she "loves to perform."

    All of those quotation marks make it seems like I was being sarcastic, which is definitely the case. She seems lovely, but cheerleaderspeak is devastatingly dull. 

    Kimberly's Official Bio

46. Emily

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    Getty Images

    Name, Team: Emily, Denver Nuggets

    Tenure: Third Year

    Dancer Fact: Emily—or Hoobaganoosh, as she prefers to be called—is a Colorado native who thinks it's "a pleasure" to dance in front of the best fans in the NBA. 

    That's funny…I didn't realize the Nuggets played in San Antonio. Hiyo! I'm seriously kidding, I don't know and don't care who has the best fans in the NBA. 

    Emily's Official Bio

45. Monique

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    Name, Team: Monique, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Monique is a California girl who traveled quite a long way to dance for the Celtics. If she could have a conversation with one celebrity from the past, it would be Michael Jackson. 

    What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall during that insanely awkward discussion. 

    Monique's Official Bio

44. Angelica

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    Nathaniel S. Butler Photography
    Nathaniel S. Butler

    Name, Team: Angelica, Brooklyn Nets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Sweet and spicy Angelica is a student studying Early Education and Psychology at The College of New Jersey. 

    Yes…that's an accredited university, apparently. I looked it up. 

    Angelica's Official Bio

43. Chelsea

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    Name, Team: Chelsea, Golden State Warriors 

    Tenure: Second Year

    Dancer Fact: New Mexico native Chelsea is super excited to be a Warrior Girl, an experience which she calls "surreal." That's about as specific as she gets because, apparently, she went to the school of vagaries and cliches. 

    Not terribly prestigious, but top notch if you want to go into professional cheerleading or head coaching. 

    Chelsea's Official Bio

42. Brooke

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    Name, Team: Brooke, Los Angeles Clippers

    Tenure: Rookie 

    Dancer Fact: Brooke loves Mexican food, Justin Timberlake, the movie Zoolander and her favorite place to go in Los Angeles is shopping in Beverly Hills. 

    She had me at Zoolander and she lost me at shopping in Beverly Hills. If hooker Julia Roberts can't shop there, then i don't want to shop there. 

    Brooke's Official Bio

41. Jenny

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    Name, Team: Jenny, Los Angeles Lakers 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Jenny is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, who enjoys boxing, jump roping and cooking. 

    I enjoyed jump roping too…in elementary school. I bet I'd be terrible at it if I tried it today. 

    Jenny's Official Bio

40. Jessica

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    Name, Team: Jessica, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Tenure: Fourth Year

    Dancer Fact: Jessica, who describes herself as encouraging, hardworking and healthy, chews gum all day at work, has a fear of disappointing people and her biggest goal in life is to be in a country music video. 

    Well…she's already disappointed me. That is just such a low bar to set for a lifetime accomplishment—I'm positive she's much better than that. 

    Jessica's Official Bio

39. Alexis

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    Name, Team: Alexis, Dallas Mavericks 

    Tenure: Rookie

    Name, Team: Alexis, Dallas Mavericks 

    Dancer Fact: Like most of the Mavs dancers, Alexis loves hanging out with her friends—she doesn't specify outdoors on a patio, but I'm taking it as a given at this point. 

    She also says Dirk Nowitzki is her favorite Maverick! He's mine too…only because I can't name any other ones…I thought Mark Cuban was targeting free agents! 

    Alexis' Official Bio

38. Erica

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    Name, Team: Erica, Atlanta Hawks 

    Tenure: Veteran

    Dancer Fact: Erica is Peach State, born and bred, and a graduate of the University of Georgia. She was a tomboy growing up—not to mention the youngest of six children—and currently works as a recruiter for Northwestern Mutual. 

    It's always weird for me when really pretty girls have really boring sounding jobs. Weird…yet refreshing. I also really like that at 5'3, Erica is the tallest woman in her family. I'm the same height and the shortest person (of either gender) in my family. 

    Erica's Official Bio

37. Alyssa

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    Name, Team: Alyssa, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Determined Alyssa would love to win the lottery so she could be responsible and pay of her student loans. That…and have all the ice cream her heart desires—"any flavor, any topping, any brand." 

    If this dancing thing doesn't work out, I think she has a very promising future as a dairy lobbyist. 

    Alyssa's Official Bio

36. Amanda

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    Nathaniel S. Butler Photography
    Nathaniel S. Butler

    Name, Team: Amanda, Brooklyn Nets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Name, Team: Amanda, Brooklyn Nets

    Dancer Fact: Outgoingly spontaneous Amanda trained professionally at the School of American Ballet and, as one of eight siblings, she wants to live without regrets. 

    As one of just two children, I'm pretty much fine with living slightly better than my brother. 

    Amanda's Official Bio

35. Paula

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    Name, Team: Paula, Dallas Mavericks 

    Tenure: Fourth Year

    Dancer Fact: Paula is a California girl who went to college in Texas and loves to vacation in Florida. She also has pretty decent taste in television shows, her favorites are Breaking Bad, Revenge and Walking Dead. 

    The good taste in TV is balanced out with terrible taste in music. Paula lists Miami sellout—Mr. Worldwide himself—Pitbull as one of her three favorite singers. I'm not mad…I'm just disappointed. 

    Paula's Official Bio

34. Deanna

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    Name, Team: Deanna, Golden State Warriors 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Deanna thinks that being a professional cheerleader is "amazing" and "such a blessing." Oh…and her favorite team is the Warriors. 

    How awkward would it have been if she said the Lakers? 

    Deanna's Official Bio

33. Gabrielle

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    Name, Team: Gabrielle, Atlanta Hawks 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Gabrielle was born and raised in New Orleans, where she went to a private Catholic school growing up—which means she probably rocked the real life version of that slutty Halloween costume. 

    She also says she could eat boiled crawfish and sushi every single day. As a non-seafood person, that's something that I will just never understand. I'd rather eat a bowl of (Heinz) ketchup than a plate of raw fish. 

    Gabrielle's Official Bio

32. Nicolette

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    Adam Pantozzi Photography
    Adam Pantozzi

    Name, Team: Nicolette, Brooklyn Nets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Motivated, yet friendly, Nicolette would like to make a career of dancer that allows her to travel nationally and internationally. Good thing jobs like that are a dime a dozen! 

    She's awful demanding for someone who has already met and danced with L Cool J at Carnegie Hall. I've been working for a decade and I've never met LL Cool J. :( 

    Nicolette's Official Bio

31. Brandee

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    Name, Team: Brandee, Miami Heat

    Tenure: Second Year

    Name, Team: Brandee, Miami Heat

    Dancer Fact: Cuban-American Brandee is a professional hairstylist who loves to cook (and eat) baked spaghetti, wants to skydive at least once in her life and thinks her best quality is her smile. 

    Even better is what Brandee says she can't live without—her inhaler! I love that answer so much. What's the one thing I can't live without? Oxygen! Pragmatism is my favorite. 

    Brandee's Official Bio

30. Nefartari

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    Adam Pantozzi Photography
    Adam Pantozzi

    Name, Team: Nefartari, Brooklyn Nets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Eccentric, eclectic Nefertari is an accomplished dancer who also played the violin for five years and would probably cease to exist without sweets. 

    Her and the entire cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The difference being that Nefertari would be missed. 

    Nefertari's Official Bio

29. Ashley

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    Name, Team: Ashley, New York Knicks 

    Tenure: Rookie 

    Dancer Fact: Jersey girl Ashley is a full-time fashion designer and a graduate of Drexell University. Over the summer she performed as one of Beyonce's backup dancers at a concert series in Atlantic City. 

    She should have just retired immediately after. I speak from experience when I say that there are few things more disappointing than peaking with your career too early in life. 

    Ashley's Official Bio

28. Bailee

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    Name, Team: Bailee, Oklahoma City Thunder 

    Tenure: Third Year 

    Dancer Fact: Vivacious and driven Bailee is probably both of those things because she's always hopped up on caffeine—apparently she's been shotgunning coffee since she could walk. 

    Okay, Bailee actually said she's been drinking coffee since she could walk…I just have a very fertile imagination. Which is why a toddler is now doing coffee keg stands in my mind. 

    Bailee's Official Bio

27. Jennifer

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    Nathaniel S. Butler Photography
    Nathaniel S. Butler

    Name, Team: Jennifer, Brooklyn Nets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Driven and spunky Jennifer was a member of the Nets Kids dance team before working her way up to the big leagues. She plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism…eventually. 

    I plan to do my laundry, clean my room and deal with the mess in the kitchen…eventually. 

    Jennifer's Official Bio

26. Jessica

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    Name, Team: Jessica, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran

    Dancer Fact: Jessica's role model is her boss, her biggest accomplishment is becoming a Celtics dancer, she has next to no free-time and her favorite show is Smallville. 

    Uh yeah, I believe she doesn't have any free-time. Smallville has been off the air for two and a half years. 

    Jessica's Official Bio

25. Kourtney

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    Name, Team: Kourtney, New York Knicks 

    Tenure: Rookie

    Dancer Fact: A native of Chester Springs, Penn, Kourtney is a recent graduate of Marymount College, where she majored in Psychology and Dance. 

    No wonder she moved to New York, Chester Springs is certainly one of the lesser "Springs" out there. Like Paris, Texas...or Rome, New York. 

    Kourtney's Official Bio

24. Becca

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    Name, Team: Becca, Los Angeles Clippers

    Tenure: Third Year

    Dancer Fact: Becca loves to party in Malibu Beach while eating cupcakes and listening to Adele. And she's a graduate of the University of Arizona because of course she is. 

    I'm pretty sure that Arizona and Arizona State require head shots instead of transcripts and/or admission essays from all potential applicants. 

    Not saying Becca's dumb…just saying that they have an inordinate amount of hot women receiving their higher education in that lawless hell known as The Grand Canyon State. 

    Becca's Official Bio

23. Roxanne

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    Name, Team: Roxanne, Sacramento Kings

    Tenure: Veteran

    Name, Team: Roxanne, Sacramento Kings

    Dancer Fact: Rockin Roxanne is a native of Rocklin, Cali, who loves hip-hop dancing, the UK future garage snythpop deep house band Disclosure and describes herself as silly. 

    If you ask me, and I realize you didn't, that genre of music is what sounds silly. 

    Roxanne's Official Bio

22. Julissa

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    Name, Team: Julissa, Miami Heat

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Name, Team: Julissa, Miami Heat

    Dancer Fact: Juju (that's her nickname, not me taking artistic liberties) is a Brooklyn-born fashion designer who loves homemade tacos, exercising and Christmas! 

    All fine individually, but combined make for a very unorthodox holiday. 

    Julissa's Official Bio

21. Dominique

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    Name, Team: Dominique, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Tenure: Second Year 

    Name, Team: Dominique, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Dancer Fact: Dominique is a loyal and observant person who really enjoys listening to people talk about…things…and her biggest fear is not living each day to its fullest. 

    Must be nice to live in a world where your biggest fear is something you can easily control. I'm afraid of bugs and dying, both of which are far more difficult to deal with. 

    I'm particularly afraid of a death involving bugs. 

    Dominique's Official Bio

20. Kerrie

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    Name, Team: Kerrie, New York Knicks 

    Tenure: Rookie 

    Dancer Fact: Kerrie is a senior at St. John's University, where she's studying Psychology. 

    So…that sounds fun? Her bio was pretty limited on noteworthy details. 

    Kerrie's Official Bio

19. Morgan

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    Name, Team: Morgan, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Ravishing redhead Morgan is a Pittsburgh native who works off the chocolate she eats every single day by boxing and has a serious shoe addiction—her closet easily houses over 100 pairs and counting.  

    I've heard that shoes are an excellent investment for the future. They're the new Beanie Babies. Except that they have absolutely no resale value, as opposed to marginal resale value. 

    Morgan's Official Bio

18. Sierra

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    Name, Team: Sierra, New York Knicks

    Tenure: Sixth Year 

    Dancer Fact: Longtime vet Sierra juggles the responsibilities of being a Knicks dancer with her work as a DJ and model. She's been featured in various national publications and recently danced in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 

    When I read that someone is pursuing a career as a DJ, I suddenly feel like my dad when I told him I planned to major in Philosophy. His eye rolling eventually convinced me to shift focus to History and Political Science. 

    Sierra's Official Bio

17. Jenni

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    Name, Team: Jenni, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Tenure: Second Year

    Dancer Fact: Jenni is a resourceful science nerd type who enjoys sleeping in, kicking it with her puppy while catching up on her favorite television shows and for some reason always walks on her tip-toes. 

    I went to elementary school with a girl who did the same thing and it was extremely weird. I suspect Jenni can pull it off with more grace and dignity. I hope so, at least. 

    Jenni's Official Bio

16. Brittney

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    Name, Team: Brittney, Sacramento Kings

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Clovis, California native Brittney is a punctual jazz dance enthusiast who enjoys electro house music. Her favorite song is "Lost at Sea" by a Russian-German dubstep dude called Zedd. 

    I decided to listen to it, fully prepared to dump all over it. I didn't love it at all, but there's much worse crap out there in this particular genre. 

    Brittney's Official Bio

15. Lindsay

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    Name, Team: Lindsay, Portland Trail Blazers

    Tenure: Rookie 

    Dancer Fact: When people talk about Americans having no clue about geography or the world around them, they're definitely not talking about Lindsay. She actually studied geography at the University of Oregon. 

    I had no idea geography was a college major—seems like it would really match well with a social studies minor. I kid. I'm sure it's totally legit. 

    Lindsay's Official Bio

14. Laura

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    Name, Team: Laura, Houston Rockets

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Laura is the captain of the Rockets Power Dancers who doesn't have really a most memorable moment as part of the team, as "every moment is equally memorable." 

    She should really go into politics…or become an NFL head coach. 

    Laura's Official Bio

13. Kirsten & Kristen

39 of 51

    Name, Team: Kirsten & Kristen, Charlotte Bobcats

    Tenure: Rookies

    Dancer Fact: Twins Kirsten and Kristen may be rookies in Charlotte, but they've got some experience under their matching belts. They actually cheered for the Hawks in Atlanta the last few years. 

    These girls coming to town is the first bit of good news the Bobcats have had…maybe ever. 

    Kirsten & Kirsten on Facebook

12. Christen

40 of 51

    Name, Team: Christen, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Christen cheers for the Celtics, but actually grew up in a state with an even weirder accent—Maryland. She's from Columbia, also the hometown of actor Edward Norton, which she points out. 

    No word on how she feels about Fight Club, a cinematic masterpiece and some of Norton's finest work to date. 

    Christen's Official Bio

11. Bonnie

41 of 51

    Name, Team: Bonnie, Dallas Mavericks 

    Tenure: Fourth Year 

    Dancer Fact: Texas Tech alum Bonnie is a Mexican cuisine enthusiast who plays on her church's softball team and has always wanted to be on Survivor. 

    So apparently that show is still something that's happening. It feels like it's been on since the dawn of time. 

    Bonnie's Official Bio

10. Alysse

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    Name, Team: Alysse, Houston Rockets 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Alysse's favorite thing about being a Rockets Power Dancer is…being able to dance for thousands of people and support the Rockets and her home town. 

    So…her favorite part about being a Rockets Power Dancer is being a Rockets Power Dancer. 

    Alysse's Official Bio

9. Casey

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    Name, Team: Casey, Golden State Warriors 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Casey Grimes auditioned and became a Warriors Girl at the age of 17 and has been a member of the team for about five years now. 

    In 2010 she was pursuing a music career and even released a single called "Bedtime Stories," but it doesn't seem like it's panned out as yet. 

    Casey's Official Bio

8, Malaysia

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    Name, Team: Malaysia, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Malaysia is a motivated mama from Worcester, Mass, who is awesome at taking constructive criticism and does a really good impressive of her dad. 

    That's definitely a comedy bit with a limited audience. 

    Malaysia's Official Bio

7. Leiana

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    Name, Team: Leiana, Los Angeles Clippers

    Tenure: Rookie

    Dancer Fact: Leiana loves the weather in Southern California, enjoys eating sushi and frozen yogurt—probably not together—and dreams of touring Europe someday. 

    Okay, am I the only one thinking how disgusting sushi flavored frozen yogurt would be? You know some idiots would freaking love it though. 

    Leiana's Official Bio

6. Stephanie

46 of 51‎

    Name, Team: Stephanie, Miami Heat

    Tenure: Second Year

    Dancer Fact: Stephanie is a Miami girl who loves traveling with family and friends, dreams of visiting Las Vegas and seriously couldn't live a single day on this planet without…gum

    Whereas I couldn't live a single day on this planet with someone who chews gum. 

    Stephanie's Official Bio

5. Meghan

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    Name, Team: Meghan, Dallas Mavericks 

    Tenure: Third Year

    Dancer Fact: Meghan is an easy going girl whose perfect night includes a crab dinner on the patio with some friends, followed by a movie. 

    Doesn't every perfect night involve a crab dinner?

    Meghan's Official Bio

4. Sequel

48 of 51

    Name, Team: Sequel, Dallas Mavericks 

    Tenure: Fourth Year

    Dancer Fact: Sequel—and yes, that is apparently her real name—is a Texas native who has a cat named "Beans" and dreams of someday taking a glorious Hawaiian vacation. 

    As someone who moved to Hawaii to find myself after high school—and by "find myself," obviously I mean "date attractive military men"—I can say it definitely lives up to the hype. 

    Sequel's Official Bio

3. Christina

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    Name, Team: Christina, New York Knicks 

    Tenure: Second Year 

    Dancer Fact: Christina is the master of the long commute. According to her bio, in addition to dancing for the Knicks, she works at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. 

    Remember that next time you're filling with rage over a little (or even a lot of) rush hour traffic. 

    Christina's Official Bio

2. Shelbie

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    Getty Images via SI

    Name, Team: Shelbie, Los Angeles Lakers 

    Tenure: Rookie 

    Dancer Fact: Shelbie recently graduated from Arizona State with a degree in Communications and her hobbies include yoga and choreography. 

    Those hobbies are a little too...labor intensive for my liking. 

    Shelbie's Official Bio

1. Ashley

51 of 51

    Name, Team: Ashley, Boston Celtics 

    Tenure: Veteran 

    Dancer Fact: Ashley may look sweet, but she's Boston born and bred. Which means she's probably got that accent working in full effect too. 

    Suddenly her nickname being "Bone" doesn't seem as outlandish. It's still pretty amusing though. 

    Ashley's Official Bio


    **Speaking of Ashley, I brought her into your lives...which is why you should follow me on Twitter: 

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