Best Feuds and Predictions for CM Punk, Ryback and Paul Heyman

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIOctober 29, 2013

CM Punk emphatically ended his vendetta against Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell...but what's next?
CM Punk emphatically ended his vendetta against Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell...but what's next?Photo:

At WWE's latest installment of Hell in a Cell, CM Punk finally got his hands on the Paulrus, Paul Heyman. Heyman thought he outsmarted Punk by hiding on the top of the cell, but after Punk defeated Ryback the Second City Saint scaled Satan's Structure with Kendo stick in hand to give Heyman a righteous beatdown

On the post-pay-per-view edition of Monday Night Raw, we saw CM Punk and Ryback do battle once again, this time with Street Fight Rules, but Paul Heyman was no where to be found, possibly making the Monday night match between Punk and Ryback the punctuation mark to end their feud, which would make sense. 

If the feud is over, where do these guys go from here? Will Heyman really stick with the ho-hum Ryback? Will Punk get back into the title picture? Can Ryback somehow get rid of the crippling boredom that accompanies him in and out of the ring?

Here are the best feuds and predictions for CM Punk, Ryback and Paul Heyman as we move towards November's Survivor Series pay-per-view. 

With Ryback behind him, where will CM Punk go from here?
With Ryback behind him, where will CM Punk go from here?

CM Punk

The Punk-Ryback feud has certainly run its course. It's become apparent that even CM Punk and Paul Heyman can't make Ryback incredibly interesting, as the WWE Universe has been treated to endless rematches from the feud we saw last year between the Second City Saint and WWE's latest fake Goldberg. 

With Punk finally getting his hands on Heyman and earning back-to-back decisive victories over Ryback, it appears that this feud is finally done. As the WWE moved on at Raw, it became pretty apparent that CM Punk will stay out of the main title picture and start a program with Bray Wyatt and his sick and twisted family. 

According to F4Wonline by way of, there is definitely something to the attacks that took place against Punk and Bryan at the hands of Bray and his family. Plans, at least for now, are for Punk and Bryan to join forces and do battle with the Wyatts as a way to elevate Bray Wyatt as a performer both in and out of the ring. Wyatt's injury issues over the last few months have halted his development on WWE TV, and putting him in a feud with two of the biggest names in the company will be an exceptional way for him to get over as a villain. 

Punk and Bryan have a ton of history on the independent scene, which will add a lot to their work against the Wyatt Family in the coming months. This all seems to fall quite nicely with Survivor Series on the horizon, with the possibility of a Team Punk/Bryan vs. Team Wyatt Family and Friends match seem highly likely.

PREDICTION: Punk joins forces with Daniel Bryan to do battle with Bray Wyatt and his creepy family. 

Ryback has been a disappointment in the main event.
Ryback has been a disappointment in the main event.


With two decisive losses to CM Punk in two days, it appears that Ryback vs. CM Punk has run out of gas as a feud. Now, assuming that Paul Heyman isn't going to stick around the singlet-donning Goldberg lookalike, the WWE creative team has the daunting task of finding something new for Ryback. 

It would be surprising to see Ryback tossed into the main title scene, with a lot of the focus on John Cena in the World Heavyweight Championship picture and on Randy Orton and the Authority in the WWE Championship picture. There's no room for Ryback at the top, but what about the middle? 

According to PWInsider (via, Ryback hasn't really lived up to the WWE's expectations, both in and out of the ring, and he's never really connected with the WWE Universe as a major player in the main event. Ryback should take a step down to the midcard and develop his in-ring skills while giving a young midcard guy a "monster" of an opponent. 

The most obvious use of Ryback on the midcard that jumps out would be against Big E Langston, especially with Big E's recent switch to a babyface alignment. Both men are extremely explosive athletes and resemble each other as huge, musclebound, singlet-donning monsters. Ryback needs to move to the midcard to take away some of the pressure to perform, and Big E needs to take on a monster to get over as a newly turned face. 

While I realize Big E is currently in a little feud with Dean Ambrose, I wouldn't expect it to continue much longer, since it started as a last-second thing anyway after Axel was unable to go at Hell in a Cell. 

PREDICTION: Ryback works his way into a feud with Big E Langston. 

Paul Heyman was missing on Raw after his beatdown at Hell in a Cell, where will he surface next?
Paul Heyman was missing on Raw after his beatdown at Hell in a Cell, where will he surface next?

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman finally got his comeuppance at Hell in a Cell at the hands of CM Punk and his Kendo stick on top of the cage. Even Heyman couldn't make Ryback exceptionally interesting, and with his other Heyman guy, Curtis Axel, hurt, Paul Heyman needs something to do. 

BREAKING: Due to injury, @RealCurtisAxel will not compete tonight at #HellInACell. Stay tuned to for updates.

— WWE (@WWE) October 27, 2013

The best use of Heyman and his insane mic skills at this time would be in the biggest feud in the business. Heyman needs to get involved with the Authority storyline currently revolving around the WWE Championship. Where it stands now, things could go two ways: Heyman could either side with Triple H, Randy Orton and The Shield, which would go along with his normal heelish persona, or he could shake things up and defend the rebellious Big Show. 

Siding with Triple H would make the most sense because Heyman would be able to help a lot of guys at once. Under the employ of the tyrannical Triple H, Heyman would have the opportunity to spin verbal silk for The Shield, Randy Orton, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Heyman could even bring back his whole lawyer-esque representative persona from his recent run with Brock Lesnar, acting as the man speaking legalese for the Authority side of things against Big Show and his "lawsuits."

Whether Heyman gets involved with the Authority or not, one thing is for certain: Heyman needs to find a new feud. Ryback is getting stale as an act, and Axel is out with an injury. Giving Heyman a chance to do what he does best in the main event would add a lot to a feud that doesn't have many good talkers involved, especially on the Authority side of things. 

PREDICTION: Paul E. gets involved with the Authority storyline, either siding with Big Show or Triple H, Randy Orton and the Shield.