Donald Cerrone Will Drop to Featherweight After UFC 167 Fight with Evan Dunham

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2013


Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone will dip his toes in the featherweight pool after his UFC 167 clash with Evan Dunham. 

During a live Google chat Monday, Cerrone revealed this plan after mentioning BJ Penn as a dream opponent for his future. 

Penn recently enlisted the help of weight-cut and dieting guru Mike Dolce to help prepare for his own cut to 145 pounds, and Cerrone said he would like to follow suit. 

"I need to get Dolce on my side," Cerrone said. "I'm going to 145 after this fight [with Dunham]." 

For Cerrone, this, in my eyes, is a terrible decision. 

He is already a massive lightweight, and, while he has never had trouble making the 155-pound limit, I cannot imagine him effectively shredding another 10 pounds. 

Some fighters, like Hector Lombard, Rousimar Palhares and Michael Bisping dropped weight classes with great success, but these fighters are not particularly tall for their division. It makes sense that they could cut weight with few issues.  

At 6'0" with a significant amount of muscle mass, Cerrone's frame is massive for his division, but he sounds confident that he can effectively make the cut to featherweight. 

"45 is going to be a lifestyle change," Cerrone said. "No more Bud Light and Budweisers...No more late nights with [UFC Senior Director of Public Relations] Dave Sholler at Wendy's."

Cerrone then backed his decision, saying that he feels he can compete and "Go get the belt" in the division. 

"I just think I could really dominate down there," Cerrone said. "Most people lose a lot of fights, and they run down; I'm going to go down to 45 after a win." 

While the move is intriguing, Cerrone also conceded that it would not be permanent, and he would probably bounce between 155 and 145 for a bit. 

While I do think some fun matchups loom for The Cowboy at 145, I cannot help but think the cut will cause him to go full science-project skeleton on us and become a lesser fighter for his troubles. 

What do you think of Cerrone's decision to join the featherweight masses after his UFC 167 bout with Dunham? Let me know, and we'll chat it out. 


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